Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

Greece, Evia Island

“There is always a ray of sunshine, after a long stormy night, at least, that is what some people say, in the midst of all the dismay“ Gun Roswell

Sunshine in the horizon after the storm

The storm had been roaring in the midst of the small valley for a long while now. The seas grey and ominous as were the skies and the dark clouds a permanent shroud, with thunder and lighting the only distraction from the otherwise dull and dreary existence, lasting as long as anyone even cared to remember.

But then, something was happening, all of a sudden, there in the distance. A glimpse of blue midst all the grey and dark hues. A ray of hope perhaps, but was it here to last, or just a teaser, before another bout of rain and storm was upon. No, it was not, as the longer the dwellers glared out there in the horizon, there was something else on the rising, as the more they glared, the brighter and clearer the skies became.

And soon enough, a glimmer of a bright light started moving all them dark clouds as the sun was emerging beyond the ridge, behind the tallest mountain, moving all the obstacles away, with the strong rays of hope now filling the once gloomy and hopeless skies.

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