Land or Water, no matter

“The land and also the water, are all covered with something else than usual, it is called “snow” something which happens during Winter time” Gun Roswell

Land or Water, no matter

The weather is the same, snow, snow, snow and more snow, and all that which remained, is the icy cold white cover all around the world. Well, at least up north where the winter season is now in full force and nobody really cares to go outdoors, as the cold front, the storms, the sleet and ice are a constant warning for not going in. Rather, if possible, stay indoors, all the time, do some neglected chores or whatever as long as you are not bored, for this season, will last a long, long time, and even if it was really fine, there will come a time, when the need to get outside, wins. And so, before staring to spin any further tales of horror, there is such thing as warmer clothing, and footwear, which will be keeping the dweller up and on the level, at least for a moment or few, unless, the chilly air will start on your exposed nose and cheeks to chew, then, it’s better just hurry back inside, and stare at the world wide from the windows and hey, that too is simply fine!

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