Another year, another birthday, I guess

“Well, it’s another year and another birthday, but is still feel like the shabby nineteen year old person I once was“ Gun Roswell

Another year, another birthday, I guess

The writer of this ditty, found a photo of herself when she was an itty-bitty kiddy. Just a toddler seated in her moms lap, a proud parent I guess at that back then in the something somethings when life was so much simpler, at least if the smiles on the faces are any kind of inkling. So guess back then, I really had the world on a string. And adding to that the eagerness to dance and sing or at least perform in some fashion, from a few years on, all that looking back, seemed like a good deal to be inside of and some of the memories are just great, while others, well, those one can always fake, right!?

So, a few decades has now passed, since that selfie of sorts from the past and like the image it self, can last for a long, long time, despite being old and wrinkled, but not I! And yeah, guess I have to admit, that taking to account everything and all I am feeling fine, despite whatever thoughts of darkness might land on my own mind every now and again but hey, that is just time spent too much with myself. And certainly nothing to do with age as that is a simple number on the cake. But yeah, as sometimes in my slumber, bad thoughts occur, but hey, that is fine, as I am fine and most of those surround me are just fine so, putting on a smile for today at least and then a little later on, I will most certainly off of my b-day cake feast.

So whatever ranting this little ditty might be, I will keep on having my birthdays for, well, hopefully eternity. The next goal is set as a hundred and fifty. Yeah I know that sounds so, well science fiction-y. But as I have always planned on living forever, guess that is not such a impossible goal now or even ever.

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