Blue on the Mountain top

“There is just something about blue, simply so stunning and I just keep on watching the view” Gun Roswell

Blue on the Mountain top

Staring into the scene of magnificence most likely something I have never seen before at least, but I feast on the view, resurrecting from the sea and it matches so totally the feel of myself at the moment, the cool blue hues, not a bad feeling at all, calming in a sense and making time stall. I just hope that the sun up there in the bluest of skies won’t fall as it seems to be quite hight above the mountain top very tall.

But as I keep watching, I am also reflecting back to the moment when I first saw this magnificent scene in front of me. And ever since that special time I have been in awe of this, well, divine, where the earth and the sky are aligned in perfect harmony staying perfectly still in the lazy hazy surrounded by nothing else, except all those of us gaping up in awe and feeling the blues of the universe, and even if I could turn the gear to reverse, I would not, as this moment is the perfect one of them all until tomorrow, when there is hopefully more.

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