Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

“In the summer time, and I am totally feeling fine, but only when I am close to some kind of watery place for at least a moment to stay“ Gun Roswell

Take a dip in the cool blue waters!

The days long and warm, even if there was some expected storm in the horizon on the rising, but the weather gods kept on smiling as the sun was still almost the whole day full shining. The warmth totally fine as long as there was an option for taking even a short breather in the calming and inviting cool blues, the waters with the variously coloured inviting hues. 

After the working day done, the only one thing in my mind then is to make the short stroll towards the beach, where I know I can reach those soft waves crashing ashore and as it still is summer for a while long, I will make due of the blues waiting for me to take a dip, long or short, call it even a sport if anyone would be asking, while I am in there, water around me splashing. The perfect summer’s fun which can only become undone, during a snow filled winter.

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