Dive in to the water!

“It’s inviting, it’s totally cool, it’s calming and it’s wonderfully blue, the water that is” Gun Roswell 

Dive in to the water!

The cool and calming waters inside the pool filled to the very hilt, so much so, that the axis could so easily tilt, when another element was introduced, into the most gorgeous colours of turquoise and various blues. 

The body quite agile soon enough jumping in, making in the process a whirlwind of waves to begin, swooshing out and all over and then towards the edges, even crossing to the allowed ledges, raising damp havoc in its wake.

But even the seemingly disastrous catastrophe is faced with loud laughter as after the dive, all the waters rescinded back to the very place they came from. The shapely bucket of a pool, after the performance of a somewhat fool, is once again turning back to its formal state, of a cool and calm surface.

A few strokes taken inside the pool, hardly even disturbing the rule of the water staying put. The human form slowly gliding, as the softness of the liquid is guiding, alongside the warm winds gently lulling, the swimmer now floating gently, into a woken slumber.

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