Floating Flowers

“Flowers floating by, always makes me smile, even when in the water myself” Gun Roswell

Floating Flowers

The pond filled with water to the very hilt of it. It was that season, the season of the monsoons, at least, what you could consider such a force of nature in the place, where water usually only in the pipes and oceans remained. Alas, with a full blast, the skies opened up and started pouring, the noises loud and roaring and then filled all the buckets and puddles and containers imaginary, with all that water.

But that was yesterday. Today, the sun is shining and most of the weather is now behind me and when I looked at the large size pond in front of me, which only the day before was a cracked and broken wasteland, is now filled to the very hilt with life giving water. And then, those pretty things appeared, out of nowhere much, but as such, they are now floating gently on the surface, lulling on the surface like they had done so always. 

As the small animals and other critters join in the pond, drinking, playing even swimming about with the sun, they all make a pretty picture of nature so lush and green, where only frequently, lifeless and barren seemed.


“The water is always so inviting, so cool, so calm and and feels like a soothing balm against the heated skin, especially in the midst of summer!” Gun Roswell


The elixir of life, the one thing which you’ll need to survive. It can be fun but also full of destruction, if you are not careful. But whatever the relationship with this element of nature is, nothing on this planet of Earth would exist if it wasn’t for it being that one special hit.

But for now at least, trying to enjoy the small puddle of the thing, right there, in the backyard, filled to the hilt. Cool, turquoise and see through liquids, just waiting for someone to dive in. It’s the summer heat after all, so better not stall, rather try dipping in at least one of the toes.

While bathing in the inviting waters all day long as the warmth outside is quite strong. Swimming with a few strokes but mostly hanging lazy, watching the time pass by in a state of hazy. But it’s fine for now at least, as soon the heat waves will be over and the need for warmer clothing is upon.

These are the days when to remember especially in the heart of the cold winter. When the water is frozen solid and there are no sings of anything green or blue, only the blanket of snow, but for now, better not get worried, only enjoy the time before it flies right by.

Falling water

“The cascading waters of the fall, despite the roar, are calming my nerves” Gun Roswell 

Falling water

The waters of the fall kept going ever downward, towards their inevitable fall, into the pond which from the warm weather would vaporise the droplets to an invisible fume, soon rising into the mighty skies. Filling the clouds until full and then falling back to the ground with the rain brought on by storm quite strong. Ending in the lake or river high up on the mountains where from the invincible droplets would make their way down the water fall once again, thus completing the circle, ongoing forever and ever.

Finest engineering by Mother Nature, rigged for most of our pleasures. The pure vision of power cannot leave anyone watching it sour, not for long at least. And if you are one of the lucky ones, you can try to get inside the wall of falling water and take a nice and long cold shower. Maybe even become like one of the flowers lulling gently on the surface of the splashing waters. Before the day is over these elements would have won you over and then before you realise, this charming setting, might be a difficult one of letting go. But for now, go with the gentle flow, stay in the water, play around like a sea otter, as there is still time.

Dive in to the water!

“It’s inviting, it’s totally cool, it’s calming and it’s wonderfully blue, the water that is” Gun Roswell 

Dive in to the water!

The cool and calming waters inside the pool filled to the very hilt, so much so, that the axis could so easily tilt, when another element was introduced, into the most gorgeous colours of turquoise and various blues. 

The body quite agile soon enough jumping in, making in the process a whirlwind of waves to begin, swooshing out and all over and then towards the edges, even crossing to the allowed ledges, raising damp havoc in its wake.

But even the seemingly disastrous catastrophe is faced with loud laughter as after the dive, all the waters rescinded back to the very place they came from. The shapely bucket of a pool, after the performance of a somewhat fool, is once again turning back to its formal state, of a cool and calm surface.

A few strokes taken inside the pool, hardly even disturbing the rule of the water staying put. The human form slowly gliding, as the softness of the liquid is guiding, alongside the warm winds gently lulling, the swimmer now floating gently, into a woken slumber.

Water front

“The waters beckon the weary traveller for a relaxing swim” Gun Roswell 

Water front

The calming ocean view with an ever changing hue
Is the best place to have a much deserved break
After a long days of work, feeling like a drained jerk
Then taking a long walk to the alluring waters front
Sitting down while waiting for that permanent frown
To slowly die down as watching the soft hitting waves
Or the sandy beaches make their supposed escape
After a while, something odd is happening, a smile!
As the brain system quiets down off the effect of wow
As this is nature’s healing at best, so forget the rest
Nothing can beat this awesome view and calming effect
Which only from the great wide outdoors you can get

Fire, Stones and Water

“The elements of nature, we all need love and sometimes fear too“ Gun Roswell

Fire, Stones and Water

The fire, burning so brightly, warming body and soul, but also good for cooking all kinds of meals. But, treat it with much respect, as burned you will get if too close to it you stick your finger. Just admire it from a far and you will be fine as it is quite the element from the divine.

The stones, much like sticks, might break your slender bones. But, you can also use them to build so many a structures, which will stand the testament of time. The architecture also, from the divine or then some of it, may illicit, a smile, as someone had just a made a simple pile.

The water, the oldest balm of them all, the place, where we were all born. It is the essence of our survival, the stuff we are mostly made off, but also, it looks good. The colour, the waves, sometimes even watery graves. But fear not, and dare, to take a dive into the calming cool blues, with a multitude of hues it keeps our imagination alive as much as ourselves too.

Blue, Bluer, Bluest

“Cool, calming, ever so charming, is the water, in the colour of blue or basically, any other hue will do” Gun Roswell

Blue, Bluer, Bluest

Water reflecting the surrounding blue skies and the ocean hues, on to the surface, of the small pool, situated on the patio, painted in blue. The pools so totally small it only fits one person at the time, which is all, just fine, as I really do want to be, left alone. At least, for the very moment, when I am feeling blue, brooding, within my few thoughts, which is really not a lot, but still, something, telling when surrounded, by all the blue. I really do enjoy, the blueness of it all, the water, the sky, the painted WHY on the wall. The colour of my t-shirt, jeans and even my eyes, all blue as am I. What ever it is, it’s gotta be blue, the coolest, and most calming hue. Like that of water. Water so fine, it is almost divine and that, makes me smile, even if I am so totally blue, it is almost transforming my very being to a translucent cool blue hue. But, more the blues, is really not that bad, as it does not have to be sad. Just blue, bluer and then I am turning to the bluest of them all.

Splashing Water

“The sounds of splashing water, reminds me, of summer, days spent by the seaside, watching the waves coming to shore“ Gun Roswell

Splashing Water

Water around splashed, as the blurry projectile, into the cooling waves dashed
It wasn’t officially, the season for any kind of water games, but it was all the same
For the adventurous crusader of the elements, taking the plunge without hesitance
The others would just have to wait, the fire, the wind, even digging in the dirt
As the inviting liquid, no matter what state it was in, cold, hot, stormy or even
Tornado level tsunamis leaving, the ever venturing object of a body heaving
In anticipation of the varied feelings, when playing among those alluring components
Made by free, well, almost, by nature itself, a long time ago, so, even if exited
Just try to take it slow and enjoy, all the waves possibly caused, while diving in
There is no loose or even a win, just a moment of fun, while riding ever so high
On the tall waves of the splashing waters, frolicking around with the sea otters
And after all that needed to be done, for the fun, the adventurer will return, home

Rain in Autumn

“The darkness, the rain, it’s pretty much the same, whether night or day, it is after all, Autumn and Fall“ Gun Roswell

Rain in Autumn

Nothing like the rain, on a very dark and cold day
The street lights, the only shining guide, on the way
Alas, I cannot inside, the warm home, for long stay
So, the only option, is to trot out and the weather slay

Running across the puddles, trying not too much to huddle
But the coldness still seeps through, even if I am full proof
With all the modern gear; with a coat, boots and a hat to wear
But then again, I don’t intend, out here too much time to spend

As I huff and puff my way quickly to the comfort of another house
And try not to think about how much of an total louse
The great and wide outdoors is, during this time of the year
I go back in my mind, to a much kinder time, with much cheer

Reality hits, in a form of a splash against my hips
A car passing by, must have thought never mind
As it hurried across the street, without much of a deep
Understanding of pedestrian code, rather going on strong

So, dripping wet, I hurry to the awaiting door
And I really wish, getting from A to B, wasn’t such a chore
But it is that time of the season, the circle never ending
Where sometimes, you need to wallow and end up spending

Time with the weather so completely and totally frustrating
Almost, almost, starting the fall, completely hating
Just to give that sense of summer and it appreciating
Deciding, that best bet is, simply staying inside, and it waiting
Is most likely, the best option I could ever, be making

Greece and the Water

“There are plenty of places to dive, to swim or even row, in Greece, in a small cove” Gun Roswell

Greece and the Water

Clear blue, endless, cloudless skies, and cool, refreshing blue waters
Suitable, for us lowly peasants, and even, for the kings daughters

The ancient, mighty monuments, surrounded, by the crystals glittering
The many images of the castles, forts and other similar types, on the surface reflecting

Waterfalls, existing in a garden or even, carved by nature
A calming effect, is just the same, no matter which way you venture

When the night slowly falls, and the time, totally stalls
The birds are taking their final flight, before tucking in, for the darkening night

Here I am, sitting, contemplating, for a moment, by the turquoise pool
Now, slowly changing, into deep dark colours, by the eerie shadows

Playing, on the surface, finally daring in, for a nightly dive, in the liquid space
Refreshing, rejuvenating, before finally, falling, into deep sleep in this heavenly place