Painted Waterfalls

“The waters are pouring way down, all the way from the top, towards the bottom, where else did you think they were going?” Gun Roswell

Painted Waterfalls

The water falling into the small pond surrounding by colours and odours of all kinds

The place while hard to find, the picturesque setting alone was well worth the grind

Trekking through the jungles and muddy roads, don’t seem to weigh so much anymore 

Now that the views of this place are visible first hand, right here were I now stand

As this was the land I had been looking for a long time and now I am finally here

In this outer worldly place, painted with colours which only could be concocted out of fantasy

The waters soft and inviting, cascading through the fall and into the fountain below

Tempting for a dip in the calming balms of the elixirs of life, in the surroundings without strife

This indeed is the life, anyone could ask to be a part of, even if it was only constructed

For one special moment, inside the mind of a fantasy locked deep inside for a long while

But now, I am finally here and this is where I will forever stay, without any kind of fear

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