The calming blue liquid known as water 

“Water is the most coolest of all the elements. It is so totally calming and always rejuvenating, and so, there is no way to not to feel refreshed after a deep dive into it.” Gun Roswell 

The calming blue liquid known as water 

Water comes along in the colour of blue, turquoise, or something in the shade of grey, or perhaps without colour at all, it really does not matter, as long as it will continue to fall, down, down, down from the open skies, at least sometimes in most areas.

Water is the one constant which is needed to survive life, to drink, to wash with, to dive into it or then simply, sit by the side of it and admire the mere miracle of nature, as even if it sometimes seems to come along far too much down, there is no hatred behind at all.

Water is the element of elements, the one to write songs about, to paint the pictures of and most of all, the one to be revered as a sent of gods, as there might come a day, when water is no longer there and then using all the spares, will leave us soon enough without nothing at all.

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