Get some money, buy some beer

“Sometimes, you just have to go on a binge” Gun Roswell

Get some money, buy some beer

The town named, well, let’s call it Londonium, the blessed place of bars, restaurants and pubs, truly a hub, for the lover of beverages, mostly alcoholic in their content, but also fully able to get some coffee or soft drinks, then again, it’s really not the same now is it? Going to a place of drinking to get a cup of coffee or a can of coke? Well, whatever the dope, getting into a local pub, is an experience and not a joke. Well, it can be of course, depending on what kind of choice you make as your poison for the order is, because if you miss and order something stupid, like something with an umbrella in it, then you are liable to become said joke. But, do as the locals do, when not in Rome, and order a pint of the strongest with some foam, and then only will you know, what the true pub feeling is, otherwise it’s all just been a great big miss, the so called local experience never coming true, and then there is no way the travel agency to sue, as the great opportunity you blew, by acting all coy and unadventurous and so, don’t blame us they would state and leave you out there, cursing the moment you did hesitate.

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