Sailing again, this time to the right 

Verbania, Italy

“There is nothing to it, well, maybe just a tad, some figuring out on how to steer, but when you get the hang of it, sailing is the best” Gun Roswell 

Sailing again, this time to the right 

The boat in the harbour, quite adored, only waiting for the right person to take her off the shore

Still, staying stranded had never been a bore, as there were plenty of admires there to score

Alas, today, the special person would be out for a spell, and the small sailing boat could tell

It would be such a glorious afternoon out there in the warm sunshine and cool blue waves to spend 

After all, this new sailor was a heavens sent, always taking good care of the deck and the tall sails

Never wavering in giving a compliment here and there, never out of spare but with a loving purpose 

Even if some of those passers by, who would not admire, rather said a boat was just an inanimate object

But not to this special sailor, who wore the clothing especially tailored, for seafare, as taking the small boat out was not a dare

Rather a choice of life, to get away from the daily grind, finding peace out there in the high seas

And for theses reasons, the little sailing boat made sure their new keepers to always happy keep

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