Nightly windows and doors, locked

Madrid, Spain

“There is always something interesting behind closed doors and covered windows, the curious mind wanting to have a look-see” Gun Roswell

Nightly windows and doors, locked

The doors and windows closed tightly shut

Then again, why the hell not?

It is night time and the darkness creeps people out

Wanting to shelter themselves and there ruts

But, sometimes there is this sensation of a must

The need to peek inside, even if just to have a smile

And perhaps something totally odd there to find

But even it was just something simple like life

Then that too could be as fine

As the Peeping One inside of every single one

Will want to know, how the other side goes

Is there something totally sad and bad there?

Or just some people snoring for the next day?

Perhaps a party or a more daring orgy?

Or maybe something totally outer worldly?

Whatever the thing is lurking behind the closed entrances

Rest assure, they will be seen by a lurker

Hanging around like a stalker with their snapper ready

The everyday persons paparazzi, a hunter nazi

Getting their kicks, but then again, no matter how sick

This might sound to most of us, you too, will want to know

As seen on the many televised shows

Madrid, Spain

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