Rainbow city vibes

Madrid, Spain

“The night time is great for a walkabout the town, especially when in a new place and wanting to explore it all” Gun Roswell

Rainbow city vibes

The city darkened for the night, and if it wasn’t for the many coloured lights, it might be quite the fright for the uninitiated traveller, to step outside into the great unknown open wide.

But if you think about it, and let the great explorer in you take flight, then you just might enjoy the nuances of it all, the new and the old and even blue with a great big smile.

Take the plunge, phaser set to for fun, as the tall streets inviting, with all the rainbow coloured lighting beckons the timid and the courageous for a walkabout, around town, giving up that permanent frown as the night is filled with exploration, in this stranger of a nation.

Up and down the streets to travel, snapping pix of all kinds of apparel, basically, whatever strange and new, even old, be bold and approach, not with caution, but with curiosity, and take it all in with a stride, let your heart sing, as this is new territory, for you at least, and then later on, there will be time for a feast. 

Madrid, Spain

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