Ships meeting at high seas


“The sea is calm just after the storm, and now, the ships are moving back and forth again, so what are you waiting for? Let’s go on a boat ride!“ Gun Roswell

Ships meeting at high seas

The fog, finally clearing from the waters edge, soon something else, there will be wedged. The level of the horizon, I think is the best, and so, gazing into the void intently I can see, there are two boats out there, meeting at sea, something not foreseen, but rather a random happenstance, at least on first glance.

And so, it indeed was a random encounter for sure, as neither of them knew in there they were lured. The change of weather had caught them by surprise, and so, the equipment haywire almost caused the demise. Alas, snap thinking of the captain made them safe and so now, out there in the high seas, the two craft suddenly meet.

But whether it was a change encounter of any kind, the ships meeting, well, it was all just fine. As the greetings exchanged while passing the other, was more than a hello and less than a hugger. And then, each of them back on their own route, to make their way to the other side.

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