The cat is neatly sitting

If you look around you, there is always a cat sitting there, lurking about, but hey, it’s a cat’s world after all!” Gun Roswell 

The cat is neatly sitting

Cats are totally funny, cats are also great, and luckily for us mere mortals, cats are always around, when you them need, lurking on the ground, but mostly, on the corners of whatever place are the best way, where they can be found, sitting there gingerly smiling, as if they did have some kind of secret, we know really nothing about. But if you are willing to listen carefully and so, to take some time to do just that, then perhaps who knows, they might be willing to share a few with you too and the better you will be for it, and then you too can enjoy the same activities, like do some lurking, stalking and grinning sitting on the corners of every place, and make those passing by, not knowing the secret pretty awkward but hey, one has to have a fun hobby and those cats surely know something of this topic, and so, just keep on doing that thing, sitting around every which way and widely be grinning.

4 thoughts on “The cat is neatly sitting

  1. I love this playful ode to cats! It’s true, they always seem to be lurking around, and there’s something mysterious and intriguing about them. The idea of them having a secret is fun to ponder, and I agree that taking the time to observe and listen to them can be rewarding. Thanks for sharing this delightful piece with us.

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  2. I absolutely agree with Gun Roswell’s observation about cats. They have a unique way of lurking around, always present yet mysterious. Your description of them sitting gingerly, smiling as if they hold a secret, is both intriguing and delightful. Cats indeed have a special charm that draws us in. Taking the time to observe and listen to them can lead to a deeper connection. Thank you for sharing this whimsical and enjoyable perspective on our feline friends!

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