Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

“There is always time for coffee, morning, noon, day or night time, it’s all just fine, if you really enjoy the dark liquid kind and to have a cup of it, when you see fit” Gun Roswell

Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

There is always room for coffee, in the stomach, someone said, even if it was some other time a clock, usually not associated with the fine sustenance of a dark liquid, but if one was prepared, for the full effect of the stuff, then drinking a cup or two, would suit, no matter the hour, as long as the face did not go sour, simply because the lack of coffee, was ever present, so, better satisfy the urge and have that drink of it, the coffee, in a cup, or a mug or even jug it directly from the pot!

Because believe it or not, those rules and regulations for sleeping and consumables, was most likely created by someone who hated the stuff, both coffee and well, food and perhaps even people, as all of us, are mostly individuals and so, enjoying the good stuff, coffee, does not have to be at any given hour, even midnight will do simply fine.

Coffee and a side dish

“There is nothing wrong with coffee! Then again, adding a sugary snack on the side? Well, guess I should try?“ Gun Roswell

Coffee and a side dish

The simple cup of black coffee, seems to be lacking

Of something else, hovering above in stacking

Perhaps a taste of something soft and sweet 

Not that, coffee, usually, really never needed

As anything to disturb the essence of the dark liquid

Even if it would only be a side trip real, real quick

Whatever you may feel about this potent stuff of life

The coffee in the cup, the only thing in this life right

Perhaps just give it a chance, taking a small bite 

At first, washing it down with the coffee learnt

And then, if it feels totally good without a choice

Then perhaps reconsider, having the coffee some slack

Not that it and consumption in anyway needs to be toned back

Rather have a day in a week, regularly like
To add one thing sweet, in the menu like spice

Then feel how much better the break taken for this stuff

Will give you a tad more of the sugary fluff

Perhaps missing for the simple and straight cup

Of coffee, well, it might not be so much

But a bit of variety in the routine, never hurt anyone 

The cat is neatly sitting

If you look around you, there is always a cat sitting there, lurking about, but hey, it’s a cat’s world after all!” Gun Roswell 

The cat is neatly sitting

Cats are totally funny, cats are also great, and luckily for us mere mortals, cats are always around, when you them need, lurking on the ground, but mostly, on the corners of whatever place are the best way, where they can be found, sitting there gingerly smiling, as if they did have some kind of secret, we know really nothing about. But if you are willing to listen carefully and so, to take some time to do just that, then perhaps who knows, they might be willing to share a few with you too and the better you will be for it, and then you too can enjoy the same activities, like do some lurking, stalking and grinning sitting on the corners of every place, and make those passing by, not knowing the secret pretty awkward but hey, one has to have a fun hobby and those cats surely know something of this topic, and so, just keep on doing that thing, sitting around every which way and widely be grinning.

The cat and the corner 

“The cat at the corner sat, wondering why the Hoomans are so busy all the time”

The cat and the corner 

The cat, chose this corner on purpose, simply to observe the life passing by, as she herself was simply find, but had started wondering as to why, all these two legged creatures had no time, for anything else, except to rush all day long around. 

It wasn’t as she put too much stock to these odd looking beings and their daily lives, but she had noticed something happening slowly but gradually, that of the change on their faces gone from mild to almost totally blank and now without smiles.

And again, it hardly mattered to this four legged fury feline superior what these Hoomans did or how they looked like, but it was now also starting to bite into her various treats and snacks of a heap, as before, these beings had brought her plenty of gifts while passing by.

But, guess they were far too tense and busy, not having a day of fun and laughs left in them, so maybe it was time for this specific cat, to move on to somewhere more nice, where the sun still shined and people too, were really nice, after all, she had heard the rumors of such places existing and now it was just a matter of relocating, and she totally did.

And now as she sits there in her new corner observing, the Hoomans there keep on smiling and with much respect treating, as the superior feline she still is, with lots of fish

Three cats in a row sleeping tightly

“The cats like to pack up, when going to sleep, for warmth and all that, I guess, or then, it’s something else completely” Gun Roswell

Three cats in a row sleeping tightly

When cats, take a nap, they bundle up, snuggly with as many of them in there, tightly

This might just be, for the companionship, or for the warmth, or perhaps, because they can

Curling up, their flexible bodies in balls, as only the cats can, but also across the surface span

Widely and tall, even if they seem quite small, still, giving your very own bed, just to let

Those furry felines to have a rest, well, that is the way of the keepers of them cats

Letting them rest up, when even they must, and if you are lucky to have more than a few

Then maybe you can catch them all in a bunch of perhaps, they decided to make a row

Soon enough sleeping tightly, and leaving the keeper of them smiling as cats are cats

Be that a Caturday on a Saturday, or any other day of the week, they really do like to sleep

And sleep you must let them do, and soon enough follow maybe to a sleep you will them too

Close up, and personal

“If you get really close to a cat’s face, well good for you, as hoomans usually don’t, at least not without getting scratched” Gun Roswell 

Close up, and personal

The face cute and adorable, so touching it would be quite plausible, but behind that mask of a soft and furry face, might just be something wicked anyways, as long as it amuses the feline you being too familiar, as the cats have their limits to their own finesse and grace.

And so, if you choose to stick your hand or even your  very nose way too close, to that fluffy looking coat, you may find that the cat, amused not so much is, of your actions obtuse, so be prepared for some heavy duty scratching soon enough, when you are off guard.

So, why not do the thing smart and stays the heck outta the cats face, just try to admire the overload of cuteness experienced, from a farther away distance and unscathed you may end up to be, as you see, the cats appreciate boundaries far more than hoomans do.

As when you follow this one simply rule, rather than becoming the bleeding fool, you and the furry feline will certainly maintain a relationship very calm and cool and that is the very best one to be in, both cat and servant in this fragile relationship of a spin.

Wonder Women

“In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer” Norwegian Proverb

Wonder Women

Never mind the ‘ism’
I’m in it for the idealism

Girl power
Female power
Human power

Of different eras
Those afraid
May call you chimeras

Hell raisers
Your wisdom and insight
Carrying the plight
For those
Who could not fight

Women of power
Hardly the cowards
Quite the women
Of wonder

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart (13th of July)

“A couple of years ago, I was asked, ‘How would you like to be remembered?’ And my answer was ‘That I was very funny.’” Sir Patrick Stewart

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart!

Main Pat Stew

Totally, a fellow charming
Maybe even somehow warming
When you make us unintentionally laugh
And sometimes, even cry
But, with a voice like that
Sir Pat, in that funky hat!
Maybe a tad, canny as a cat
Who could ever resist
Of being rewarded with a kiss
By a great as fellow
You’re such a helluva
An actor, a Captain and yes, a King
And totally able to sing!

Wishing you a merry, happy and totally great Birthday
And as the cliche goes, if I may

Live Long And Prosper
Oh, Captain of Captains!

Patrick-Stewart 4

The Cat and the Girl

“Cats are like music: It is foolish to try to explain their worth to those who do not appreciate them”

The Cat and the Girl

Would you look at that!
The girl with the cat
On the sofa, laying flat

No time to chase a rat
No time for a little chat
Not even an eyelid will bat

No time for the internet
Nothing playing on the cassette
Nothing moves, on the chess set

If you want to bet
The only comment you get
“What the heck,
Are you staring at!”

Sunshine Cat

“The sun was shining as per usual, reflecting warmth, over the tops” Gun Roswell

Sunshine Cat

The tiny cat, in the warming sunshine sat
Without even wearing, one simple kind of hat
That is really not exactly the real catch
Of this tiny of a tale of the sunshine cat

The point being, it is always so completely warm
Especially, after that cold and rainy storm
As a fact
That is why the cat, decided on that spot
To sit and fully the rays in soak, on that dot

So leave it to the furry feline kinds of friends
To find the best places themselves to mend
A cat
In the sunshine, simply, enjoying the sunshine
And in all of our own minds, that is what we too want