Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart (13th of July)

“A couple of years ago, I was asked, ‘How would you like to be remembered?’ And my answer was ‘That I was very funny.’” Sir Patrick Stewart

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart!

Main Pat Stew

Totally, a fellow charming
Maybe even somehow warming
When you make us unintentionally laugh
And sometimes, even cry
But, with a voice like that
Sir Pat, in that funky hat!
Maybe a tad, canny as a cat
Who could ever resist
Of being rewarded with a kiss
By a great as fellow
You’re such a helluva
An actor, a Captain and yes, a King
And totally able to sing!

Wishing you a merry, happy and totally great Birthday
And as the cliche goes, if I may

Live Long And Prosper
Oh, Captain of Captains!

Patrick-Stewart 4

The Cat and the Girl

“Cats are like music: It is foolish to try to explain their worth to those who do not appreciate them”

The Cat and the Girl

Would you look at that!
The girl with the cat
On the sofa, laying flat

No time to chase a rat
No time for a little chat
Not even an eyelid will bat

No time for the internet
Nothing playing on the cassette
Nothing moves, on the chess set

If you want to bet
The only comment you get
“What the heck,
Are you staring at!”

Sunshine Cat

“The sun was shining as per usual, reflecting warmth, over the tops” Gun Roswell

Sunshine Cat

The tiny cat, in the warming sunshine sat
Without even wearing, one simple kind of hat
That is really not exactly the real catch
Of this tiny of a tale of the sunshine cat

The point being, it is always so completely warm
Especially, after that cold and rainy storm
As a fact
That is why the cat, decided on that spot
To sit and fully the rays in soak, on that dot

So leave it to the furry feline kinds of friends
To find the best places themselves to mend
A cat
In the sunshine, simply, enjoying the sunshine
And in all of our own minds, that is what we too want

My Little Piece of Chocolate Heaven

“Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate” Jo Brand

My Little Piece of Chocolate Heaven


There is just
something about you
I am in lust
And only for you

I am finding it impossible
to stay away
Highly improbable
Anything would keep me at bay

I lost you
I found you

My little bit of Heaven
By sweet sweet
I am up to seven
My one and only treat

My sweet chocolate bar
In a serial package
You didn’t venture too far
When I was tracking

There is always time, for one more cup of Coffee

“Doctor, doctor! There is way too much blood in my caffeine system!” Gun Roswell

There is always time, for one more cup of Coffee

Coffee, extra large cup, black!
That is simply, the matter of fact
Enjoy it while still hot
Right there, on the double and on, the spot
If you really need something cooling
Then with coffee, there is no fooling
Try it as you will, as a cool large frappé
Or then, even as a milk sullen latte
Coffee, truly and never, ever fails
Even when it all sometimes so badly, ails

It’s A Human… No, It’s A Drag Race after all!

“We are all born naked and the rest is Drag” – RuPaul

It’s A Human… No, It’s A Drag Race after all

This is Ixavier Lasloth coming live from the Galaxy near you!

Our news team is currently orbiting a small bluish rock in the farthest corner of the known universe. We are here to observe the supposedly dominant occupants of this planet they have named “Earth”. These people seem to be involved in something called the “human race”, although as to where and when the race will take place is still unclear.

We are here to observe the ritualistic behaviour of this particular species, whose skin colour is varying from a pinkish hue to darker brown shade or sometimes even red. Some of them are covered in a thick fur like layer, while others remain neutral and satisfied in their original skin.

We are in disguise to avoid any panic our strange appearance may cause in the inhabitants.

Upon closer inspection, we can clearly detect at least two distinctive sexes, but there may be more.

Although most of these creatures seem to be content in their existence, some of them rebel against the existing norm. These individuals have ventured to live their lives with their own set of rules and formed tight knit groups and living off the radar. These “outsiders” worship their heroes in an almost religious fashion.

This exceptional behaviour is the reason, why this reporter landed on this forsaken rock and decided to have a closer look.

After making contact with some of these “radical groups”, we were fortunate enough to get invited to observe one of their many rituals. The core group and their followers call themselves “De-rag Q-ueens.

We were invited to observe their masking ritual, reserved for the most elite individuals of the group. The “males” as we got to know them were performing an age old ceremony named the “drag race”.

Observing the ritual to a fault, there is a strict regime to follow:

The first step is to apply a thick layer of paint on the face. The next step is to add a head piece, which seems like a construct of some sort of animal hair. These headpieces come in every imaginative colour of the rainbow. To complete the transformation, a garment weaved with glittering items is pulled over the top half of the body. The feet are covered with footwear constructed from a leathery material and with an added feature, which seems to give the wearer more height.

When the total transformation from “male” to “female” was complete, it was time to “put on a show”.

The Q-ueens lined up and started walking in orderly fashion on what seemed to be a structure of wooden planks they had named the “cat walk”. A rhythmic beat followed by electrical lights flashing caused the Q-ueens to start producing sounds from their throats causing melodic sounds coming out from their mouths. This ritual was of a repetitive nature, where the melodies and sounds varied depending on the individual performing them. The “show” continued and the partakers managed to change their attire several times over before the ceremony was over.

All in all while observing this religious ritual in all its glory, this reporter found oneself caught in the moment; cheering and applauding at the end of the ceremony, which luckily was the accepted social convention.

While trying to get more in-depth information as to what the origin of this particular ritual was, I was fortunate to interview one of the elders among them. And the message, quite clear and directly quoted:

“We may be born naked, but surely the rest needs to be drag”
In this reporter’s opinion, this may be one of the more successful stories of Earth.

Until next time, this is Ixavier Lasloth, signing off!


Cat Lisa with Mona

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“The cat on the lap of the known lady, what is that about?” Gun Roswell

Cat Lisa with Mona

The cat was laying on
The lap of the lady quite known
Captured in an image painted

A long time ago, by
A renaissance man familiar to us all
How did we not notice

That darn cat before, sitting
Comfortably, smiling slightly, just like
The lady we all seen

Before, but as it is
There now, the cat with a tail
Will tell you new tales

Captain, My Captain

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“Ma’am is acceptable in a crunch, but I prefer Captain” Captain Janeway, Star Trek Voyager

Captain, My Captain

Hair in a bun
Phaser on stun
Cool on the outside
Passionate on the inside
Charging off to battle
Borg, Hirogen, Kazon no matter
The enemy
She can be a frenemy
To get the job done
So pick up your gun
And follow her to hell and back
Pick up the slack
In your action be fair and square
And avoid the death glare
Both fierce and delightful
Quite a handfull
Full of action
She is our Captain

ea7d60491844238de69fdf1da0d4a68b    0Captain-Janeway

cathexis_670   dark_frontier_janeway362

All in the Family for TBT

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“Remember, as far as everyone knows, we are a nice, normal family!”

All in the Family

Can’t live with them
Can’t live with them
That is really all that can be said
Rather than whining, I wrote this ode instead

I would like to put them in a box
And take them out when ever needed
But there is a warning to be headed
They really are quite crazy
Maybe a little hazy
And cunning like the fox
The may not be my kind of crazy
But they are still family
Even though scattered all over
Like a five leaf clover
I still have the luxury
Maybe even compulsory
To keep in touch with them
Thank Goodness for such gems
As Instagram and Facebook
Now we are all hooked

So without resistance
Lets enjoy the distance
No just kidding
I love you guys!

pete-jimi-laura-mira  pete-jimi-laura-mira-2

peppi,-baab,-tiina  jossu_co

mommy  mira-jimi3  laura-jimi2

 laura   minttu-jossu-mamma

laura-mira    jimi-laura

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Sankta Lucia, The bearer of light

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“Night walks with a heavy step
Round yard and hearth,
As the sun departs from earth,
Shadows are brooding.
There in our dark house,
Walking with lit candles,
Santa Lucia, Santa Lucia”


Sankta Lucia

The bearer of light
For the future to shine bright
With all her might
Like the shining white knight
Her sword will smite
All the anger and spite
The world to rewrite
Without war or fight
Sankta Lucia