Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

“There is always time for coffee, morning, noon, day or night time, it’s all just fine, if you really enjoy the dark liquid kind and to have a cup of it, when you see fit” Gun Roswell

Monday Morning and another Cup of Coffee

There is always room for coffee, in the stomach, someone said, even if it was some other time a clock, usually not associated with the fine sustenance of a dark liquid, but if one was prepared, for the full effect of the stuff, then drinking a cup or two, would suit, no matter the hour, as long as the face did not go sour, simply because the lack of coffee, was ever present, so, better satisfy the urge and have that drink of it, the coffee, in a cup, or a mug or even jug it directly from the pot!

Because believe it or not, those rules and regulations for sleeping and consumables, was most likely created by someone who hated the stuff, both coffee and well, food and perhaps even people, as all of us, are mostly individuals and so, enjoying the good stuff, coffee, does not have to be at any given hour, even midnight will do simply fine.

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