Rocking on the Chair

“The rocking chair, lulls anyone seated there, to a deeper kind of sleep, at least if you don’t get seasick along the way!“ Gun Roswell

Rocking on the Chair

The chair from all those past lives lived now being revived 

The chair where from the grandmother would advice give

The chair from the childhood where mothers used to sing songs

The chair which rocked you to sleep all those years ago

The chair with the recognisable creaks against the floors

The chair made out of lasting materials wood, as they used to

The chair worth mentioning in several kind of old lore 

The chair unique enough leaving no one seated never bored

The chair still as cool, sleek and surprising like it was before

The chair, well it keeps on rocking, rocking, rocking away to the groove

The chair where there is really no sleeping in it as it is on the move

The chair never good for cats or really any kind of animals with long tails

The chair was invented by someone who wanted two things to combine

The chair can be found in some homes, at least those whom the past respect

The chair, is a chair, is a chair, so please, do, take a load off

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