Seated for Seat Sunday 

“You better be seated in tight, strapped in and ready to begin, as seat Sunday has finally arrived!” Gun Roswell 

Seated for Seat Sunday 

No matter the mode of the seat, because when you feel the heat and not just for the summer on repeated a wave of the same kid, you better hurry up and that greatest of spots try to find, as seat Sunday has definitely arrived! Indeed, showing up with a seated jive and we all know it’s definitely time for a smashing high five!

Better get the one which suits you best, the most comfortable one yet. No matter if you have it to buy, borrow or steal, it’s the matter of feel, against your derrière for real. So do not hesitate because soon it will be too late as Sunday will be gone and on a Monday? Well, sitting around may just be a great big ugly bore.

Maybe you even had a chance to bring your own seat, the one which rides on wheels. And from that fine throne of sorts, you will never have to be brought up and about from. Rather going everywhere and anywhere on this fine sunny day of a Sunday, is the true definition of a well spent and languidly spent awesome seat Sunday.

Sunday Seat Poolside

“On a warm day, you can either indoors stay, or then if you are lucky enough, spend it poolside as it is so very hot outside!” Gun Roswell

Sunday Seat Poolside

The weather gods having been totally generous over the past few weeks might have needed some praise from us lowly humans. Someone might have noted though, that had been over generous as the temperatures outside had exceeded everyones wild expectations of a hot summer weather, not matter the level on which you resided on the blue globe. South, North, middle there somewhere, it was all the same red at least on the maps of forecast done by some of the weather fortune tellers out there on tv-land. And nothing major really could be planned as the temperatures were all the same, high, each and every single day for the whole planet.

But, staying indoors the whole summer just to run away from the weather? Well, that was a total bummer. So, for some lucky ones, there was an option other than hiding from the sun. To take themselves poolside. At least for a day or so, as the energy levels were quite low, from the heat and the darkness of the indoors. The solution of renting a room, any hotel room basically in a nearby area for a day or few. And then, stay there form dawn till dusk as it was a must, to stay close to the cool and calming waters. Then every now and again, take a dip into the liquid. Well, what a way to spend a sunny Sunday day, poolside in a lazy chair reclined in a position so fine, there was no idea, to move anywhere else the whole time spent poolside.

On the sunny side, getting fried, in the sun

“The sun is fun, as long as it’s not too hot or bright and shining all the time or well, hell, I wish it would rain already!“ Gun Roswell

On the sunny side, getting fried, in the sun

The bench beckoned I reckoned as I was tired of all that trotting around as what ever I thought there was to be found, well it wasn’t all that. So, looking for a place to sit, and then it hit me. Out there in the warming sun I could bask the rest of the afternoon, as the skies were the colour of cool blues and the wind was, well, there. It was warm but at least that beat a weather filled with storm any time. Taking a leap of faith, literally as I did jump the few feet to reach the unoccupied bench there in the middle of the street. Not really the street but close by on the side walk empty and waiting for me to sit down and loose that suddenly risen frown. There, I sat on my tired ass and it was all good and fine at least for a while. But then, after a moment of shedding all the load of the running rampant day, it hit me. Literally, it hit me. The heat so strong I felt like I was cooking and then looking around and up and down, I could see there were absolutely no clouds to be seen. Only the blues in the skies, as clear was the place and the sun, well, it was even bigger and brighter than I had remembered while running amok out there. Sweat pouring from each and every single piece of skin on my body and I suspected the insides were drowning too. Wherever it was coming from, I blamed the sun, as this was far from fun. Being fried like a shrimp on the barbie on the sunny side of the street or all over the place, as there really was no shade anywhere to be found. Well, maybe if I went underground. So, there I was unable to move and slowly getting cooked, cursing my faith and wishing it would finally rain!

Sitting by the Sea

“What else is there to do on a sunny day but to sit on its rays?” Gun Roswell

Sitting by the Sea

Waves washing gently the shores, where the small pebbles of rocks are stored. The birds high up in the blue skies screeching, about to take a deep dive. The fish swimming away, trying to keep the hungry gulls at bay. Boats leaving the harbour for the day, as the workers onboard need to bring home a good display of the catch sometimes causing dismay. All and all, a regular sunny day by the seashore never a bore, and definitely it something of a chore to sit here lazily and maybe once in a while, snore.

I, myself am too lazy, of doing anything but. Seated on this perfect reflection point on my very own butt. The day quite warm and wind none too hazy, what else is there for my kind of person except to sit here and at the sea be gazing. After all, I am a mere observer of life, even here, beside the ocean wide and if I am lucky enough, all the happenings I here today see, will make me smile. Otherwise, I can simply come back again tomorrow early morn’ and be on the lookout for something more.

A Seat in Town 

“A throne is only a bench covered with velvet”
Napoleon Bonaparte


A Seat in Town

When out and about on the town
And getting all and everywhere around
There is only one thing
You really wish you had found
A neat kind of a seat
Simply for a while to relax on!

Alas, it cannot be too hard
And certainly too soft
But when you find the right spot
You know you can simply stop
Your wandering around
And stay there all day long!

Cat sleeping on a chair

“The cat sleeps on the chair. Why? Well, he owns it so there!” Gun Roswell

Cat sleeping on a chair

The cat on the chair was snoring loudly, and it was lying there quite proudly. Why you might ask, is the chair occupied by an animal whom should be on the prowling rather than at home snoring?

Well, here is the thing, you see, that cat over there, sleeping, bought the chair in a flee market on the square and now, as he is the owner of the furniture, it’s only natural he should be sleeping on it as well, right?!

So, if you need another place to sit on, then find one or buy one as there is no way you will get the one the cat is sleeping on, even if he was out there doing his prowling thing. It his chair, and that is the end of that discussion in this house hold anyway as the cat always has the last say!

A seat on the shady side of the sun

“A seat on the shady side, after an exploratory day in the fun filled sun, is a nice find” Gun Roswell

A seat on the shady side of the sun

The weary traveler still pushes on, even if the day has been far too warm and way too long
Gotta go, gotta see, gotta feel, gotta do and that one final monument or explore the long lost mystery
But then at the brink of total exhaustion, when on the very last nerve the traveler is trying to hold on
In desperate need, of any kind of chair, bench or seat, one small respite to see, and at least for a minute to take a seat
Alas there are so many other seekers running on their empty feelers and so, the so far denied desperate measures
Finally kick in and with the last ounce of strength, running that final stretch to that one vacant bench
And luckily, it was on the shady side, of a solemn kind of a lonely street, just the place no one had yet seen
Except now, me, as I reach before yielding to total defeat, of the ever present heat all around, but a respite nevertheless I have found
So, it’s ok for a while, taking deep breaths while settling to the calm and now, it will be a long while before I will move again

A seat on a bench on Sunday afternoon

“Take a load off, on the nearest bench, it’s seat Sunday, after all” Gun Roswell

A seat on a bench on Sunday afternoon

It’s close to the time, when the weather will be just fine and taking a dive to the great divine, nature, or maybe, just the close by neighbourhood, as you should, enjoy this time, when everything starts to sprout out and kids are chanting quite loud. Yes, it is the spring which has gotten us all so very wild and that is all really fine. So, go, get out there, take a stroll, even a short one will take the load off, from all the indoor activities, which in these days are the main things we tend to do. But not today, not on this finest of Sunday, where the sun is shining and birds are chirping and yes, some of it might be irking just a wee, but you see, nature, the outside, that will make you smile. So, put your Sunday shoes on and take the leap, out the front door and go, go explore!

Seat and the Shade

“There is always room for one more, on this very seat, the seat, in the total shade” Gun Roswell 

Seat and the Shade

The midday, right in the middle, of the month of May
It might even be June or July, alas, the month is not the why
But rather, the shining of the sun and the glaring of the sea
And where, in the scorching heat, is safest to flee
Is it diving, into the water or maybe hiding, under a tree?
Or take cover in the cooling air-conditioned shop you see?
But what if you need to buy something
Even a the smallest thing, but forgot to bring
Your purse or any kind of method of payment?
Then no, you cannot enter the establishment
Because the option of loitering means banishment

Then, out there, in the far corner of the eye
There is something so familiar, your eyes spy
The contours of some kind of a furniture
No!, Could it? Is it? And right there, in the shade?
No, it simply cannot be true, what I see
A bench, a solemn respite, in the shadows, under a tree
I run as humanly possible in this heat
And as I reach it, i can clearly see it
Yes, it is the one simple saviour I have search
In this hour of afternoon sweat and cursed
But now, I simply forget it everything else
As I slump down on this heavenly seat
And boy, am I beat! I think, I might get some sleep!

A Bench to Sit on, on a Sunday afternoon

“I don’t generally like running. I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench” Satchel Paige

A Bench to Sit on, on a Sunday afternoon

The moving, must be forward
In this weather so totally hot
But I need a place to rest for a moment
Before I can continue, this utter torment
So, after searching, for a long, long moment
I found one seat, made out of wood
Maybe, it would not be too hard
Rather, just suitably good
Or then, it might just  be too soft, for a fit!
But no matter the surface
I so totally need to rest!