Seat sideways Sunday

“Seat in the side of the street, sitting totally sideways just to rest my tired feet, well it’s Sunday after all, so no fuss but to let the time stall” Gun Roswell

Seat sideways Sunday

The day long and sunny, some would say Sunday funny, but the warm weather so soon after a long while of cold and damp and grey, well, it got the better of this weary walker, on a simple Sunday stroll, taken just because, the weather was so nice and beckoning, thinking to be bold and so finally outside venturing, after all, these days, in the times of change, it was still a choice hard to be made, but not on this fined day, of a sunny and warm Sunday, but for a while, after taking the long tour instead and in a while, having a respite along side, was something totally needed and never mind, the passersby, looking at what the lazy one was doing, but not caring a single bit as there was no hurry to do more than just be and enjoy, the day of free, on this quiet and long day, and so, in place for a moment longer staying, before pushing on, showing everyone, this one was still strong after all.

Rocking on the Chair

“The rocking chair, lulls anyone seated there, to a deeper kind of sleep, at least if you don’t get seasick along the way!“ Gun Roswell

Rocking on the Chair

The chair from all those past lives lived now being revived 

The chair where from the grandmother would advice give

The chair from the childhood where mothers used to sing songs

The chair which rocked you to sleep all those years ago

The chair with the recognisable creaks against the floors

The chair made out of lasting materials wood, as they used to

The chair worth mentioning in several kind of old lore 

The chair unique enough leaving no one seated never bored

The chair still as cool, sleek and surprising like it was before

The chair, well it keeps on rocking, rocking, rocking away to the groove

The chair where there is really no sleeping in it as it is on the move

The chair never good for cats or really any kind of animals with long tails

The chair was invented by someone who wanted two things to combine

The chair can be found in some homes, at least those whom the past respect

The chair, is a chair, is a chair, so please, do, take a load off

Seat at the sunny window 

“Take a load off by the seat on the sunny side off the room” Gun Roswell

Seat at the sunny window 

The sunny side is warm and inviting on a day when the sun is shining, and the world outside de looks e be n more inviting to be explored. Alas for those weary, for those whom only want to sit down and keep on glaring on the world outdoors, without the need for exploring any of it at all, this place of rest is the best, the perfect spot to lay low and keep the score, of the rest of them out there, looking for scores, something which will lead them out of their bores. But for these special kinds of observers of the human kind, there is nothing more interesting out there they can find, except keeping an eye on the others of their kind in search of something they will not find, as the one true thing to be bound on any given sunny day, part from the comfort of the warmth off the one true seat in the middle of a sunny ray, inside the room where the most comfortable seat now resides. And this is the best seat of a respite on the whole town.

Seated and in waiting

“There is nothing to do, except to sit and wait, for a minute, an hour or even a year, worst case scenario being that is” Gun Roswell

Seated and in waiting

The long wait ahead, or so it seemed, even if the queue was not that long and things seemed to moving nicely, but then, soon enough, when the turn was about to be mine, the moving along halted and nothing was happening for a while. There was nothing to do about it of course, but to patiently wait, as it was this was always the catch with this kind of affair, as nothing ever happened as expected, and somebody always had some kind of a complaint, leaving the others for a long, long wait. 

Well, there was an upside to the down and so, the long faced frown, soon turned around as the the table with free seats came to view. As luck would have it, the place across the queue, was serving some brew for those weary in waiting and so, quickly heading to the visible respite, finding the place totally empty, much to a surprise, but never mind, an order soon enough placed and seated at the table, and then, then with a sun in face, keeping an eye on the very place, with others queuing in their place, but me, I was waiting for my turn with a smile on my face on the comfy bench. 

Seated in the middle of the foggy night

“Take a seat, on a soggy and drenched bench, in the middle of the night, just, out of spite.” Gun Roswell 

Seated in the middle of the foggy night

The night ahead long and dreary, as  was the path of walking home, as the only option due to a slight misunderstanding now the arduous task, which could a long while last, and the cold rain and hard winds, certainly did nothing to aid the progress of getting there quickly and safely. But, as there really were no other options left, except, perhaps to curl up in a fetal position and cry, then try to move ahead seemed to be the logical thing to be doing, in the middle of the night without too much fight in sight.

Just as the threading was becoming as tired and dreary, the power of the carrying limbs almost gone, and the readiness of giving up and curling into that tempted ball was all to think about, something out of the blue could I spot. A bench, under the trees, tucked safely under there, away from the storm and rain and the constant pain of the sore feet, as the wrong kind of footwear caused the stains not yet seen. But this respite appearing out of the blue, might just have been the saving place to do, some rethinking of the stupid plan of wandering off in the middle of the night, and so without any fight, I decided to stay on the bench and wait for the inevitable sunrise.

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

“It is Sunday the whole day once again, and I get to sit on my special seat, for the duration, without delay, as I am going nowhere much, today” Gun Roswell

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

Once again, time has been gone by in a whirlwind week, without much room to breathe, the Sunday here, like it was just yesterday I was here, in the same place, the clock ticking away. But today, no matter what else there is to slay, work, tasks, life, I will take it easy and stay, in on single spot the whole day, no matter whom shall come a knocking on the door, ceiling or even the floor. I am not moving from my own designated spot.

And if someone would like to call me lazy for this single act of selfishness, then be my guest, as I really could not care less. As it said in the ancient song of the past, Sunday, is my day of rest, and unless you have some other suggestion to make me rethink my current position, then please, leave me alone, seated in my special spot, from the zero hour on the dot, until another one strikes on the clock, my ass is not moving unless nature is calling, or then, if the house around me should be falling. This is my day to stay, immobile and for now, that is a status simply fine.

Green and a Seat

“Take a load off on a Sunday on the Green Seat, even if it might not fit” Gun Roswell

Green and a Seat

The Sunday is once again upon us, like some lurking fiend waiting for the bus.
It is a slow and gentle time, which for most can be simply good and all fine.
But for those with a permanent fire lit up their asses, it can feel like harassment.
As they need to calm the hell down and if possible, take it easy and finally, sit down!
Something, which may never become easy for them, but then again, we are not all built the same.
Still, if and when the decision is made, to take a break for once and be all the same.
Then take a seat, take a load off, stop the huff and puff and simply enjoy the calm day.
After all, tomorrow, just may, be filled with all kinds of things to sort out and forget the play.
So, maybe Sunday wasted, wasn’t all that wasted, rather a moment where inhaling was allowed.
And for that very reason, simply laying about, can always be a good thing, for recharging.
Even if it is done on a way too small seat, painted all in green.

The tallest spot for a seat

“A seat on the tallest mountain, nearby the fountain, is the bench where I usually like to sit on a sunny Sunday” Gun Roswell 

The tallest spot for a seat

Usually, the Sunday, is reserved for all kinds of fun, but the truth being told, on this particular day, the only thing that is on my mind, is simple rest and relaxation of a special kind. But for that I need to find, the perfect spot, the best on the dot, a bench somewhere overlooking the world, or at least, most of the closest known city where undisturbed I can sit  and watch, all the people spending their much earned leisure, their precious time, which is all totally fine.

Why, would be the proper question placed here.

Well, guess, because I feel lazy, and also a bit hazy, of the world around me, too much going on all the time, and while mostly it is just fine, today, I am not as strong, and there is nothing wrong, in wanting to take a break and sitting down, this time around. Because I really need my peace and quite, even if I am there in spirit, watching the others having their fun, but today I don’t have to play or run, only to sit down, do absolutely nothing and calm myself without any kind of doubt.

A Perfect Bench to Sit On

“I don’t generally like running. 
I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench” 
Satchel Paige

A Perfect Bench to Sit On

I was looking for
A bench to sit on
What I hoped to score
Something close to a lawn
To lay my tired self
On a softer shelf

Then I saw it
The bench, made of stone
When I tried to sit
I felt it to my bones
Too hard for a fit!

Moving forward
I found one, made of wood
Maybe it wasn’t hard
Rather suitably good
Too soft for a fit!

So once again
I had to complain
But I knew, the right seat
Was just in reach
I just had to seek

A little while longer
As I moved along
The feeling now stronger
I knew it wouldn’t be long
I was close to finding
As I saw the metal shining

I finally found it
A bench made of metal
For me to sit
Soft as a petal
A purr-fect fit

Seated in a cafe on a Sunday

A small cafe in Paris just around the corner hidden away from prying eyes“
Gun Roswell

Seated in a cafe on a Sunday

Sunday and a cup of coffee, a perfect combination for the brief time allotted
Sneaking away, stealing time from it all just for a few precious moments
As this was supposed to be the one day, which is the day of some time off
Alas, something came up, as it usually does and the chances growing slim
But luckily there is a perfect kind of spot, hidden around the corner just off
The busy streets where the cats sleep, at least on a sunny day on Sunday
Alas not today, as everyone seems to be gone completely somewhere else
As soon as the small cafe coming to view I can see that not even a few or one
Patrons are present so I guess it is only for me myself and I so seating down
My frown turning upside down, yes it is a smile which away has been a while
But not today as now I can here alone with my thoughts for a moment stay
In this pleasurable place on this fine Sunday afternoon on a seat in a cafe