Cat a strutting the streets

“The cats are the owners of the streets, that much is true, but perhaps also of the very world, cannot be sure” Gun Roswell

Cat a strutting the streets

The big cat on the streets

Won’t need to take a seat

As there really is no time

While making their daily rounds

Taking care of their domain

While comfortably strutting around

This is no ordinary feline either

No, this is the one much smarter

The one who once laid claim

Of this one single place

Making it all their very own

Both the land all around 

Alongside the small town

And so, each and every day

The cat did make its way

All around and through 

The premises as to ensure

Everyone there and the visitors too

Would know the owner was lose

And so showing respect 

For the feline as they detected

The strutting cat on the streets

Making their way without defeat

As this was their domain 

And whatever else remind

Well, the rest of the animal kingdom

Could have their pick of the litter

Pun intended, as there were plenty

Of kittens too this message to be sending

That cats indeed are the rulers

Of the very world as we know it

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