Sunset reflected

Rhodos, Greece

“The cliched sunset is always fun to watch, no matter where its reflected at, each surface playing an important role” Gun Roswell

Sunset reflected

Multicoloured reflections over each and every surface, searching for a momentary purchase, before slowly fading away into the darkening of the night, just like each and every day, the circle continues, most of the times.

Inside those reflections, images from the distant past and nearing future, tethered together with invisible sutures in this precious moment of every colourfully reflective and warming ray of light.

The grind of the day will soon be laid to bed, following the sun’s set, a respite for the weary for a while sleeping, under the darkening skies of the pending of the night.

And even if those moments of the gorgeous scenery of the setting sun might soon be a memory laid to rest in the past, alas easily conjured up, wherever and whenever needed.

After all, not all days are filled with glorious sunshine, not to mention the after play of a sunset, onto the minds of the lowly reflected, and needed is a reminder, there will be light after the long moments of darkness.

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