Sailing across the high seas

Helsinki, Finland

“Sailing across the high seas, just to a long lingering curiosity to please, that is the life, am I right, next stop, becoming a pirate?“ Gun Roswell

Sailing across the high seas

The calm cool blue waves, out there for none too long stay, as when the stormy clouds are upon, the winds are picking up and they will become quite strong, and that my fellow sailers, is when things can start to go horribly wrong!

Hoist the sails, do not fail! This is the time to really take things seriously, as getting the even smaller size vessel to move with the winds, is a tricky kind of a thing! As changing the course, and coming about, with a heavy load, well, listen to the Italian captain’s orders and you will know: Virata! Virata!

Finally taking a break, when the winds settle, and the calm begins, the sun on the back and the soft wind on the sails, there really is no better moment than gliding on those soft waves, across the high seas and into foreign lands, well, at least, from coast to coast according to the maps, even you might the daring nature lack!

Next stop, pirate island, hey, taking the high land and then some real fun!

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