“The sun filled times are here again, at least, when looking at old pictures, taking me back to times when, travel was still on the agenda and fun, especially getting to a place, totally filled with sun” Gun Roswell


Under the sol, the scorching one, you the one, which can be a lot of fun, especially for us pale types, whom only see the burning ball of light, during some summer nights (this is totally true), but mostly it is just dark and gloomy and blue (which is fine too) but now, when the summer flows slowly but surely into the days so boring, it is nice to see some bright colours and light (so what if it shines all through the night) for a short while, as this will help some of us to smile and even dare going outside, alas, never forgetting the effects, this special effect high up in the sky will do to our poorly grown skins, and so, taking precautions, and staying cautiously under the parasol, as even if not standing in the straight sun light, the shade still has the word of the might inside and thus remaining in the cover safely and soundly, there is the option in saying rather proudly, that I stayed outside, in the world wide, under the sun, even if it was really and only under the parasol.

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