I Wrote (Happy birthday to me!)

” I am a sort of a writer, I think, a kind of an author, or something similar I suppose, well, at least I write every day, so, you figure it out!” Gun Roswell

I Wrote

I wrote, when I was five
Barely even beginning my life
With colourful crayons on drawing paper
Never even thinking of saving it for later
A script of Father Christmas on the way
With his reindeer and a hug slay
A make shift theatre stage
Making sure the folks weren’t late
For the premier of the show
Even if they would say, it was too much snow!

I wrote, when I was fifteen
Or then it might have started already at thirteen
But, when my favourite television series ended
And all the time on it I had invested
I decided to give it a continuation of sort
Even though my English language skills kind of short
Writing with a pen on paper, as the type writer came later
When the master piece was finally done, I felt proud
I read it to my step-sister out loud
And the spark, caught on fire, as she too, became a poetry writer

I wrote, when I was twenty-five
My first ever script, on a PC, a windows zero point nine
(Well not really, as there was no operating system back then
When, the dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was ten)
A story apparently too American, as the Finns told me, nope not fans
So, I wrote something else too
Even for another series or few
But in those days, the world wide web
Really did not exist, so guess I them myself dismissed
Now placed somewhere in the forgotten files land
It’s fine, it’s really alright, they really weren’t that grand

I wrote, when I was thirty
As I got another bug actually
For a work-related project
Instead of a power point presented
I made a short film scripted, then another and a third
The boss told me, it was unheard
But upon completion, there was a legion
Of coworkers watching the show
And in the end, from all the clapping I needed to take a bow
A success story of the time, making me feel fine

I wrote, when I was forty
When a new thing called the Internet was taking over all of me
I wrote some fiction, fan and other wise
I dabble in poetry too, erotic too, but in disguise
Posting on line, yes, that was the time
When it all started, and I guess until today, never really ended
The forums, the bases, for every kind of phrases
It was all so new and such fun
And that my dear ones, was not even a pun!
But then I stopped for a while, like it happened so many times

I wrote, when I was fifty
I had heard of a thing called a blog(?)
So, I asked around, and this is what I found:
I was able to create a sight of my own
On this great big platform well known
And post a writing each and every single day
Then get some feedback and likes, if I just played!
So, I started with a supposedly good idea, just from the top of my head
“Rantings of a third kind, with everything and nothing”, where ever it lead
Poems, pictures, stories and songs
Even a serial or two, but none of them too strong
But the key word was networking and boy did I that do
And now after five years, I have a reader or few!

I wrote, just yesterday
And today, I keep on writing
Keep on fighting,
The good fight!
Well not really 😉
As now, I truly know, that someone is reading
My poetry, my stories, my songs
Even if none of them may be too strong
Because I knew it all a long
That I am a writer no matter what I think or say
And one of these days, I may even write a really good play
So, please, don’t go away; Stay!
There will be so much more
And maybe, just maybe
One day, I too will big score!


And a Happy Birthday to me!

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