Cottage life 1

“Summer at Gramʼs cottage can be such fun” Gun Roswell


Cottage life 1

Life in summer is so simple
Simple even if you have to mow the lawn
Lawn growing so fast every day
Day you wish it was just raining
Raining, even pouring to inside just stay
Stay until you get so bored
Bored enough the tiniest of chores
Chores such as mowing the damned lawn
Lawn big enough to build a hall
Hall to do some fancy dancing
Dancing as itʼs so much fun

Fun you can do outside
Outside because itʼs summer
Summer with such good weather
Weather almost always sunny
Sunny with a warm breeze
Breeze which makes you feel
Feel that this season
Season of warmth and flowers

Flower filling the garden
Garden where the grass is green
Green and forever growing
Growing until it needs mowing
Mowing which Iʼll gladly do
Do as long as I can live in summer

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