Cottage life 3

“Roaming around the country side” Gun Roswell

Cottage life 3

When finally hitting that side of the road
Road, which is leading to a place so quaint
Quaint, if you can imagine something very old school
School, which luckily is out for the summer
Summer, as I am headed for the country side
Side, on the road I currently am on
On, until I reach the little red cottage
Cottage, painted with a bright colour

Colour so strong, it can be seen from space
Space, is what this old hidden place has plenty
Plenty, like the nature surrounding the house
House, so small, you can hardly fit in
In, but then again, outside is the point
Point of this cottage in the country side
Side of somewhere else, anywhere else
Else but where I usually dwell
Dwell, exist, live, maybe, but usually not

Not, as it’s mainly work and daily grind
Grind, which here, is only used for flour
Flour to create the daily bread
Bread, which is really good to eat
Eat, like what ever goodies the land provides
Provides me, while I am here in this place
Place, far away from the outer world
World so different, from this, country side
Side, which this road I am on will lead me
Me, for this summer, going completely country

Cottage life 2

“Something so quaint about living in a small red cottage” Gun Roswell

Cottage Life 2

In the tiniest of any imaginable communities
Communities built only for the summer season
Season which only comes once a year
Year with a winter so long, it almost snows
Snows until midsummer is upon
Upon when the time has come
Come for the summer, to finally start
Start as does the life for most of those
Those people who live her up north
North where the sun almost never shines
Shines only, during the precious summer time

Time when all life is growing and flowing
Flowing across the land becoming so green
Green, so lush, it’s nothing like anyone has seen
Seen now, as it’s all recorded on to celluloid
Celluloid is preserving the summer sensations
Sensations with which to get through the dark ages
Ages that will start with the coming of fall
Fall, when time and nature stalls

Stalls, falls, into a deep slumber
Slumber and then again woken in the next summer
Summer, when it’s time to pack up
Up all the belongings and move to a tiny house
House that is painted in the colour red
Red as the burning core of the sun
Sun which only shines during this season
Season of the summer cottage time

Cottage life 1

“Summer at Gramʼs cottage can be such fun” Gun Roswell


Cottage life 1

Life in summer is so simple
Simple even if you have to mow the lawn
Lawn growing so fast every day
Day you wish it was just raining
Raining, even pouring to inside just stay
Stay until you get so bored
Bored enough the tiniest of chores
Chores such as mowing the damned lawn
Lawn big enough to build a hall
Hall to do some fancy dancing
Dancing as itʼs so much fun

Fun you can do outside
Outside because itʼs summer
Summer with such good weather
Weather almost always sunny
Sunny with a warm breeze
Breeze which makes you feel
Feel that this season
Season of warmth and flowers

Flower filling the garden
Garden where the grass is green
Green and forever growing
Growing until it needs mowing
Mowing which Iʼll gladly do
Do as long as I can live in summer

Fabulous November Friday

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“If you see me on Friday,
you’ll see different material on Saturday night”
Kathy Griffin

Fabulous November Friday


Fabulous Friday has arrived
Giving it a big high five day


Early morning, early rise
A gorgeous sunrise
The air cool and crisp
Leaves covered with frost
With the moon peaking out
Time to holler, time to shout


The nature dressed
With colours of red
Sunshine reflected
On each surface
The flaring colours
The autumn odours 14

Painted Red for Seat Sunday

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“The judge told me to approach the bench.
We were in a park”
Jarod Kintz,

Painted Red

The only bright spot
In the entire parking lot
In the midst of suburbia
Causing a minor hysteria
The colour of reddest red
Some say, it joy may spread

Carefully trying to sit
Just to see, if it is a fit
After I little while
I started to smile
The colour seemed to be
A perfect choice for me

And soon enough…
As far as the eye could see
All the red painted seats
Were occupied to the extreme

There is something to be said
Of the colour red
It never leaves you cold
Yes, and I too was sold