Cottage life 2

“Something so quaint about living in a small red cottage” Gun Roswell

Cottage Life 2

In the tiniest of any imaginable communities
Communities built only for the summer season
Season which only comes once a year
Year with a winter so long, it almost snows
Snows until midsummer is upon
Upon when the time has come
Come for the summer, to finally start
Start as does the life for most of those
Those people who live her up north
North where the sun almost never shines
Shines only, during the precious summer time

Time when all life is growing and flowing
Flowing across the land becoming so green
Green, so lush, it’s nothing like anyone has seen
Seen now, as it’s all recorded on to celluloid
Celluloid is preserving the summer sensations
Sensations with which to get through the dark ages
Ages that will start with the coming of fall
Fall, when time and nature stalls

Stalls, falls, into a deep slumber
Slumber and then again woken in the next summer
Summer, when it’s time to pack up
Up all the belongings and move to a tiny house
House that is painted in the colour red
Red as the burning core of the sun
Sun which only shines during this season
Season of the summer cottage time

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