Cottage life 3

“Roaming around the country side” Gun Roswell

Cottage life 3

When finally hitting that side of the road
Road, which is leading to a place so quaint
Quaint, if you can imagine something very old school
School, which luckily is out for the summer
Summer, as I am headed for the country side
Side, on the road I currently am on
On, until I reach the little red cottage
Cottage, painted with a bright colour

Colour so strong, it can be seen from space
Space, is what this old hidden place has plenty
Plenty, like the nature surrounding the house
House, so small, you can hardly fit in
In, but then again, outside is the point
Point of this cottage in the country side
Side of somewhere else, anywhere else
Else but where I usually dwell
Dwell, exist, live, maybe, but usually not

Not, as it’s mainly work and daily grind
Grind, which here, is only used for flour
Flour to create the daily bread
Bread, which is really good to eat
Eat, like what ever goodies the land provides
Provides me, while I am here in this place
Place, far away from the outer world
World so different, from this, country side
Side, which this road I am on will lead me
Me, for this summer, going completely country

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