Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

“The age might have a number, sometimes bigger other times humbler, but what matters really is how you feel inside, even if you thing you are still a child” Gun Roswell

Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

Another year and another number, only this time, it’s getting stronger and larger and well, yes, the years do pile on don’t they? As only yesterday or a few days ago you were six and now suddenly, you can add another zero to the mix and that means six-oh which translates to sixty. But hey, half or third way there, depending on how you look at the future. And if you end up becoming a robot, then well, who knows, maybe even six hundred and sixty!

Oh, the point of this little ditty? Yes, well, as it turns out, that on this fine day of sixteenth of July, my dear partner in crime and life for that matter, actually has a birthday! And so, sixty it will be today. Can’t believe you got there faster than I did, but hey, turning a new birth year guess really is no competition after all 😉 So, this is why I am writing this, guess you can call it rhyme as I really cannot carry a tune or write a song.

So, before I go on for far too long, and I promise not to even try to sing that tune of that song. Only here to wish you the happiest of all, stay strong and hey, when the one hundred comes along, then we’ll take it to the top of the tallest mountain we can find and do that blasted bungee dive. After all, even older or let’s say it politely, more mature people need to have goals!

So, an extremely happy birthday Hon! 

Ode to Dame Angela Lansbury, a very happy 95th birthday!

“A true beauty for the ages, conqueror of all the stages, she most certainly is” Gun Roswell

Ode to Dame Angela Lansbury, a very happy 95th birthday!

A true beauty, surpassing all ages
The soft and fair conqueror, of film and stages
Nothing she has ever done, or will do, fades
As the one true star, she will always, stay

Dame Angela, a gorgeous rose, by any other name, you might say
Equal, to the one and true talent and all the following fame
And because or despite that, all of us fans, love you just the same
So a very happy ninety-fifth birthday to you, as we do our little parade
In honour, of this truly, and one totally fine day!

Happy Birthday, Dame Helen!

“You can’t control how other people see you or think of you. But you have to be comfortable with that “Helen Mirren

Happy Birthday, Dame Helen!

The star of everything that matters
Stating this not just for the sake of flatters
The Queen, the Chief Inspector, a tart
Playing them all with very much smart

She is definitely not a prude
When prancing in the nude
Not afraid to speak her mind
Even if it meant to be a little unkind

A naughty word here and there
To make her point, if you weren’t clear
Pure perfection of talent and beauty
Always with the sense of duty

A rose by any other name
Let’s all hail our Dame!

I Wrote (Happy birthday to me!)

” I am a sort of a writer, I think, a kind of an author, or something similar I suppose, well, at least I write every day, so, you figure it out!” Gun Roswell

I Wrote

I wrote, when I was five
Barely even beginning my life
With colourful crayons on drawing paper
Never even thinking of saving it for later
A script of Father Christmas on the way
With his reindeer and a hug slay
A make shift theatre stage
Making sure the folks weren’t late
For the premier of the show
Even if they would say, it was too much snow!

I wrote, when I was fifteen
Or then it might have started already at thirteen
But, when my favourite television series ended
And all the time on it I had invested
I decided to give it a continuation of sort
Even though my English language skills kind of short
Writing with a pen on paper, as the type writer came later
When the master piece was finally done, I felt proud
I read it to my step-sister out loud
And the spark, caught on fire, as she too, became a poetry writer

I wrote, when I was twenty-five
My first ever script, on a PC, a windows zero point nine
(Well not really, as there was no operating system back then
When, the dinosaurs ruled the earth and I was ten)
A story apparently too American, as the Finns told me, nope not fans
So, I wrote something else too
Even for another series or few
But in those days, the world wide web
Really did not exist, so guess I them myself dismissed
Now placed somewhere in the forgotten files land
It’s fine, it’s really alright, they really weren’t that grand

I wrote, when I was thirty
As I got another bug actually
For a work-related project
Instead of a power point presented
I made a short film scripted, then another and a third
The boss told me, it was unheard
But upon completion, there was a legion
Of coworkers watching the show
And in the end, from all the clapping I needed to take a bow
A success story of the time, making me feel fine

I wrote, when I was forty
When a new thing called the Internet was taking over all of me
I wrote some fiction, fan and other wise
I dabble in poetry too, erotic too, but in disguise
Posting on line, yes, that was the time
When it all started, and I guess until today, never really ended
The forums, the bases, for every kind of phrases
It was all so new and such fun
And that my dear ones, was not even a pun!
But then I stopped for a while, like it happened so many times

I wrote, when I was fifty
I had heard of a thing called a blog(?)
So, I asked around, and this is what I found:
I was able to create a sight of my own
On this great big platform well known
And post a writing each and every single day
Then get some feedback and likes, if I just played!
So, I started with a supposedly good idea, just from the top of my head
“Rantings of a third kind, with everything and nothing”, where ever it lead
Poems, pictures, stories and songs
Even a serial or two, but none of them too strong
But the key word was networking and boy did I that do
And now after five years, I have a reader or few!

I wrote, just yesterday
And today, I keep on writing
Keep on fighting,
The good fight!
Well not really 😉
As now, I truly know, that someone is reading
My poetry, my stories, my songs
Even if none of them may be too strong
Because I knew it all a long
That I am a writer no matter what I think or say
And one of these days, I may even write a really good play
So, please, don’t go away; Stay!
There will be so much more
And maybe, just maybe
One day, I too will big score!


And a Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday, Mary McDonnell!

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“We have to get back to the beauty of just being alive in this present moment” Mary McDonnell

The Cat’s Meow


Extremely pleasurable
Highly admirable
Excellent and stylish


Realistic, Idealistic
Sassy, yet classy


Perfect with vernacular
Captivating in every atmosphere
Absolutely popular



Quite the wow
For the cat’s
To meow

Happy 83rd Birthday, Dame Judi Dench

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“Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judi Dench,,, “

Happy 83rd Birthday, Dame Judi Dench

I’m not getting old, I am getting better

I am becoming a classic

Like the fine wine
For a special occasion to dine
Like the little red Corvette
You always wanted as a pet

I am
much better
more wiser
and even smarter
Than ever

Extraordinary woman
Exemplary human
Remarkable personality
Striking beauty

If you challenge me
I will compete with thee
Reach the finish line
Before you have the time
To Say
Wait for me!

Many things I have accomplished
Some of them without compliments
Many more still to come
Before I am done

What’s up next
You ask
Without being hexed
I would like the task
Ruler of the World naturally to follow
But not today,
Maybe tomorrow

Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

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Happy Birthday, Kate Mulgrew!

“I think people think I’m accessible. I’m never treated as a star, either by fans or other actors, and I like it like that. I don’t get the star treatment. I think that means I’m a good actor. They acknowledge me as a human being, and to me, that’s invalua.”
— Kate Mulgrew

Captain, My Captain




Happy 65th Birthday, Mary McDonnell!

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“It’s really important for actors to feel that they’re more than something for hire”
Mary McDonnell

Happy 65th Birthday, Mary McDonnell!


Extremely pleasurable
Highly admirable
Excellent and stylish


Realistic, Idealistic
Sassy, yet classy


Perfect with vernacular
Captivating in every atmosphere
Absolutely popular



Quite the wow
For the cat’s
To meow

Happy Birthday to William Shatner

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“I’m surfing the giant life wave”
William Shatner

Happy Birthday to William Shatner

O Captain, my Captain!
Or is it Mr William Shatner?
Difficult to separate
Call it luck or call it fate

Watching my favourite show
Alerted by the familiar klaxon
Captain James T Kirk is on
Then nothing can go wrong

When on Vulcan
Do as the Vulcans do
Dear Captain, my Captain
Dear Mr Shatner

Live Long and Prosper!

Homage to DeForest Kelley

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“I am a doctor, not a magician!” Leonard McCoy

Homage to DeForest Kelley (1920-1999)


I am a doctor, not a doorstop
I can go on nonstop
I am a miracle worker
Maybe even a tearjerker
Concocting cures for all ailments
I have the treatments
No matter if my patients
Be alien or human
Even if the Yeoman
Came down with the flu
I have the cure and the clue
On what to do
So maybe I am a magician
The premium edition
And even that green blooded
Gosh, darn, crud it…Vulcan
Has to admit it
And I am loving every damned minute!