Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

“The age might have a number, sometimes bigger other times humbler, but what matters really is how you feel inside, even if you thing you are still a child” Gun Roswell

Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

Another year and another number, only this time, it’s getting stronger and larger and well, yes, the years do pile on don’t they? As only yesterday or a few days ago you were six and now suddenly, you can add another zero to the mix and that means six-oh which translates to sixty. But hey, half or third way there, depending on how you look at the future. And if you end up becoming a robot, then well, who knows, maybe even six hundred and sixty!

Oh, the point of this little ditty? Yes, well, as it turns out, that on this fine day of sixteenth of July, my dear partner in crime and life for that matter, actually has a birthday! And so, sixty it will be today. Can’t believe you got there faster than I did, but hey, turning a new birth year guess really is no competition after all 😉 So, this is why I am writing this, guess you can call it rhyme as I really cannot carry a tune or write a song.

So, before I go on for far too long, and I promise not to even try to sing that tune of that song. Only here to wish you the happiest of all, stay strong and hey, when the one hundred comes along, then we’ll take it to the top of the tallest mountain we can find and do that blasted bungee dive. After all, even older or let’s say it politely, more mature people need to have goals!

So, an extremely happy birthday Hon! 

8 thoughts on “Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

  1. Happy 60th to your partner!
    It’s just a number, but definitely a milestone. From now on choices are ‘now or never’ which is great, because you decide what’s important and reject what doesn’t serve you, and that’s incredibly liberating!
    I had mine two years ago, in 2019, so fortunately i was able to celebrate as we used to in pre-covid times.
    Hope you had a great day!

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