A Very Happy New Year!

A Very Happy New Year!

Colourful burst of noise filled blinding light
Filling the darkened day, soon turning into a night
The clocks, on the walls, and everywhere, are quickly churning
As the long awaited coming of a new year starts slowly turning
Time itself stopping, for a blink one an eye
As all the wishes and hopes, for a better life
Fill the airways, from every which possible way
Letting go of the passing year and all its fear
Because now looking forward, is a reward
Of this special midnight, which will make everything alright

Out with the old, in with the new!

“Another worthless year I accomplish absolutely nothing!” Gun Roswell

Out with the old, in with the new!

Somehow, managed to muddle through real life, work and family

And for that I had an extra kind of remedy

Getting totally lost in the very land of, fantasy

And staying there for as long as possible

Watch so many favourite shows during the year

Over and over and over, without any fear

The familiar episodes bringing tears but also joy

And that my dear readers, was indeed the ploy!

Managed to output some things too

Stories, articles, poetry accumulating but a few

Over six-hundred-k words typed with bleeding fingers

But seeing someone cheering out there, sent me good shivers

People a few, really good ones too, did I meet

Not that socialising was the thing I was out there to seek?

Becoming somewhat of a hermit, a recluse, pardon the excuse

Of a certain viral strain raising havoc across the plains

Managed to get a few great friends 

And over the internets no less!

We may never see each other face to face

But hey, as long as we share our favourites

That is all I really for the daily grind need

And so, without a doubt
Happy New Year, just the same!

Holiday Seasons Greetings

“A very short time for a celebration and holidays, but hey, I’ll take it!” Gun Roswell

Holiday Seasons Greetings

When the two days of pleasure, puts on a lot of pressure

Because hey, it’s just a few days, and packing in all to slay

The checklist done earlier this year, just in utter fear

Of loosing out on some of the important things to be done

During over three hundred days, packed with all and maybe fun

But then, the fatigue hits and all you can do it just sit

And watch as the candles softly flicker, forgetting all the bigger

Worries and what nots and simply, sipping some eggnog

Because that, is what this season, is really all about!

Xmas Eve

“It was the day before the real  xmas, or at least, in some countries it is so, at least” Gun Roswell

Xmas Eve

Up here, in the North, we celebrate the Xmas time without much of a ball

Even if the trees might have some, but we, us dwellers, prefer not to have too much fun

As peace and quiet, is the key word, so not to cause any kinds of riots

As Santa Claus or Father Xmas, which ever way you prefer without, still class

Has that one dude, who will bring us, well not food, but at least some stuff

And hey, that all should be quite enough, for this time of the year

When we are mostly gathered, together, in a sort of a celebration, without fear

Xmas Eve Eve

Xmas Eve Eve

Twas the night before xmas eve

All was, well almost silent

Nothing stirred, not even a mouse

Who possibly already got out of the house

That louse!

And i had even bought a present for it

Oh shit!

Well, maybe the neighbours hamster

Would be grateful for a little wooly sweater

Dispute that hateful letter

I had written to them

Because of all that loud singing

Each night i kept hearing

Sitting by the window

Watching everyone else go

Knowing full well nowhere was better

But who could argue with a grammy

Shouting bloody murder if you don’t get here

By xmas eve the latest

Or there would no doubt be hell to pay

At least, thats what i heard the lady next door say

So now, all is finally peaceful

And i am ready for the boring and dull

Xmas cheers my ass

I would prefer a good comedy and laugh!

So why this mood all made in fowl?

I dunno, better ask the owl!

So why not go outside and howl

You got your xmas wish

There are no dirty dish

This year just me myself and I

So laugh it out and keep on with a smile!

Happy holidays to one and all!

Angels and Elves

“The time of year, when the make-believe becomes even more stronger than any other time, the angel, the elves, even Santa Claus with his flying reindeer… well, guess it is time to talk a little more about them, those winged beings?“ Gun Roswell

Angels and Elves

They are pretty little things, with wings and yeah, they can totally sing, rather lyrically at that! Some mighty fine tunes, high opera even, their clear voices hitting that very ceiling.

But then there are elves too, those with the rugged looks, with large ears, even beards and such, their outfit certainly doing nothing for their tiny bodies, not like those of the angels, in their nighties shiny!

Still, whatever the ideal looks of these two fictional fractions just bight me, perhaps a little different for all of us, deepening on how much thought there really was spent, thinking of what these beings of fantasy are all about.

Whatever they just might be, the chubby little cherubs of fancy free, it doesn’t really matter, as they are most likely there just for the latter, the fancy and the free, making the home feel festive for the seasonal celebration.

Or then, they just might be real, and we are way too stubborn, them to see.

Take a steam bath, in a lukewarm Sauna (Happy Independence Day Finland!)

“It is always warm in the sauna, the temperature close to subtropical, even more so, when pouring water onto the heated stones, the sizzling sounds, the steam, all of it, making it hard to breathe, at  least for a moment there, before it all settles and there is nothing more of to care, the ol’ brain having gone all mushy, and isn’t that just blissful!” Gun Roswell.

Take a steam bath, in a lukewarm Sauna

The Finns do love their sauna, there is really nothing there, holding trauma, simply the sense of family and calm, the warmth, water and smells of heated wood, filling the small dark corner of a nook, where the weekly grind will slowly but surely slide, off of any kind of skin, and it’s really not a sin, to just let all the worry go, take things slow, for a moment in time, even if needing to steal the spell, to have for oneself, then becoming one with the cosmos, as the fuzzy steamy atmosphere descends upon the small room, the place which the whole family shares, for just this one fleeting moment, letting go of all, embracing the nothingness and into it fall, until it is time to put another log into the fire, stir the steamy stones and wait for another heatwave to hit.

Happy Independence Day Finland! (established 1917)

This, is who I am

“I am a simple writer, making my way through the mass of talent of this world” Gun Roswell

This, is who I am

I am an extroverted introvert

With the mind of a child locked inside of an ancient body without time

I am the ever and eternal optimistic pessimist

Always looking for the worst, while expecting the best

Searching for some kind of a truth, which I never really hope to find

I am alive and well, well? But also, only living inside my own head

I am a mass of a mess, but with an outlook good no less

The eternal dreamer with a head of a cloud

Surrounded inside of it by a protective shroud

Never wanting to leave that very special place

Even whenever venturing where others may stay

But, I am okay, just the same

Being this odd one out always and everywhere

Unboxed, untethered, but wearing a pretty bow 

Just because, I like to put on a show

And so, coming to the matter of fact (or fiction)

Even if no one can that fact even begin to understand

This, is who I am



“It is pride month again. For those otherwise inclined, not fitting the norm. Some call it pandering, others simply enjoy the appreciation thrown their way.” Gun Roswell


What does it mean? Really?

It is just having a flag of colour raised up the pole for a duration of thirty days?

Wearing colourful socks or shoes, perhaps a bag of the same colour spectrum?

Being acknowledged at the work place, having pins placed on their lapels, sporting the rainbow colours?

The convenient store around the corner, displaying their pride collection proudly beside the register?

But for me? Personally?

Simply to be me, to exist, just the way I was intended to be

Not to be put in a box, designed by those, who would prefer to do so

I don’t ware any other colours than those, which suit my daily mood

Just because the calendar said so, and wanted me to come out of my home

I have and always will be, simply me

Acceptance or not, I cannot and will not change who I am

And so, alone or together with others daring, I make my stand

Celebrating each and everyday of the year, without fear

And so, tipping my bonnet to those, who chose this time to appreciate us, other folk

But also reminding them all, this month is not the only time we, queer folk, do exist

A Mother’s Day Rose

“To all mothers in the world, a rose” Gun Roswell

A Mother’s Day Rose

A day of celebration for most
That is why I have made this post
To convey all the wishes of best
To the mothers where ever they may nest

Life can be a bit of a bitch
But today, I hope you will pretty sit
Showered with love and devotion
At least sent a message with a notion:
Of caring so much
They wanted to be in touch
At least on this special day
But then again, it should be that everyday!

So here is my message for you all:
Love your mother, mom, mum, what ever you may her call
She won’t be around forever
So try to make this day for her that much better!