A New Year with new resolutions?

“Another new year in the calendars starts today, a clean slate of sorts” Gun Roswell

A New Year with new resolutions?

Promises were made, just to be broken
A New Years resolution was just another token
Words without meaning in haste spoken
Was I really dreaming or just hoping?

Why then go through this bit?
Just because everyone else did
So now, trying myself to rid
Of this oh so very guilty trip?

It’s only the first day of the year
So why do I have this guttural fear
Of not being able to complete the deal
I made with myself trying towards better to steer?

Maybe, just maybe give some slack
And try to good intentions most of this stack
As I am looking towards the future, take a few steps back
Do what I can, and the rest, well only my best to do, then relax

A Christmas Tale of sorts or as it goes: Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” Charles Dickens

A Christmas Tale of sorts or as it goes: Can I have some Figgy Puddin’, please?

The year was 1845. I was about ten years of age and working as a stable girl. Our family lived and worked in Lord Hamilton’s manor house. It was Christmas time and as a gift for the servants, the Lord arranged a feast for the staff and their families.

Mommy had the children dressed in their Sunday best. My two brothers were complaining about the stiffness of the shirts. Starch was itchy and could cause rash, especially if one scratched the itch.
I had my favourite dress on and my younger sister was a bit jealous of the red and green colouring. She was wearing a plain blue coloured hand me down.

After all the fuzz and hassle with the wardrobe, the whole family was finally set to go to the main house and start with the Christmas dinner. Us servants would be dining in the large kitchen. Several long tables were brought in with extra seats as well. This wasn’t a large household. With around fifteen servants and their families, well not all had children and spouses, all in all around sixty people in total crammed around the tables. The two cooks had had their hands full with the preparations and naturally every one that could had chipped in.

But now it was time for celebration. Everyone was finally sitting down and getting quiet. After grace the noise level rose again. Food containers were passed around and everyone was filling their respective plates. After all, it wasn’t often we got to eat in this manner and variety.

After a while, everyone had cleared their plates and it was time for dessert. My favourite was the Figgy Pudding. If possible I opted for seconds. As I got my plate of the delicious substance before me, I licked my lips and dug into it with gusto. It did not take too long for the food to disappear from my plate.

My mom looked at me with a smirk. I looked back at her and passing my bowl I asked: “Is there any Figgy Puddin’ left?”

I was smiling widely, feeling exhilarated, when the bowl was passed back to me with an other helping.

When the final bits were eaten, it was time for the traditional sing along. The farmhand brought out his accordion and after the first few tunes, we all joined in. The evening was spent singing, chatting and finally picking up the tables. We all went back to our dwellings, thanking the Lord for the special meal.

Merry Pudding and God bless us everyone!

Happy independence day to Finland, established 1917

I tried to learn the Finnish language, which is really, really, really hard, and I realized that if I want to really learn it, I just need to figure out the swear words first, because those, are totally effective” Gun Roswell

Our Land (national anthem)

Oh Our Land Finland Fatherland
Echo Loudly Golden Word
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
No Valley No Hill
No Water Shore More Dear
Than This Northern Homeland
This Precious Land Of Our Fathers
One Day From Your Bud
You Will Bloom
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring
From Our Love Shall Rise
Your Hope Glorious Joy
And Once Your Song Fatherland
Higher Still Will Ring

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World Animal Day, 4th of October


“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Mahatma Gandhi

World Animal Day, 4th of October

What would the world be
Without a cat, elephant or a bee
As far as the eye can see
Birds sitting in the trees

Join in and celebrate
All creatures great and small
They have given us much more
Than anyone can elaborate


Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

“The age might have a number, sometimes bigger other times humbler, but what matters really is how you feel inside, even if you thing you are still a child” Gun Roswell

Turning sixty ain’t such a biggy (or is it)?

Another year and another number, only this time, it’s getting stronger and larger and well, yes, the years do pile on don’t they? As only yesterday or a few days ago you were six and now suddenly, you can add another zero to the mix and that means six-oh which translates to sixty. But hey, half or third way there, depending on how you look at the future. And if you end up becoming a robot, then well, who knows, maybe even six hundred and sixty!

Oh, the point of this little ditty? Yes, well, as it turns out, that on this fine day of sixteenth of July, my dear partner in crime and life for that matter, actually has a birthday! And so, sixty it will be today. Can’t believe you got there faster than I did, but hey, turning a new birth year guess really is no competition after all 😉 So, this is why I am writing this, guess you can call it rhyme as I really cannot carry a tune or write a song.

So, before I go on for far too long, and I promise not to even try to sing that tune of that song. Only here to wish you the happiest of all, stay strong and hey, when the one hundred comes along, then we’ll take it to the top of the tallest mountain we can find and do that blasted bungee dive. After all, even older or let’s say it politely, more mature people need to have goals!

So, an extremely happy birthday Hon! 

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart (13th of July)

“A couple of years ago, I was asked, ‘How would you like to be remembered?’ And my answer was ‘That I was very funny.’” Sir Patrick Stewart

Happy Birthday Sir Patrick Stewart!

Main Pat Stew

Totally, a fellow charming
Maybe even somehow warming
When you make us unintentionally laugh
And sometimes, even cry
But, with a voice like that
Sir Pat, in that funky hat!
Maybe a tad, canny as a cat
Who could ever resist
Of being rewarded with a kiss
By a great as fellow
You’re such a helluva
An actor, a Captain and yes, a King
And totally able to sing!

Wishing you a merry, happy and totally great Birthday
And as the cliche goes, if I may

Live Long And Prosper
Oh, Captain of Captains!

Patrick-Stewart 4

Another year, another birthday, I guess

“Well, it’s another year and another birthday, but is still feel like the shabby nineteen year old person I once was“ Gun Roswell

Another year, another birthday, I guess

The writer of this ditty, found a photo of herself when she was an itty-bitty kiddy. Just a toddler seated in her moms lap, a proud parent I guess at that back then in the something somethings when life was so much simpler, at least if the smiles on the faces are any kind of inkling. So guess back then, I really had the world on a string. And adding to that the eagerness to dance and sing or at least perform in some fashion, from a few years on, all that looking back, seemed like a good deal to be inside of and some of the memories are just great, while others, well, those one can always fake, right!?

So, a few decades has now passed, since that selfie of sorts from the past and like the image it self, can last for a long, long time, despite being old and wrinkled, but not I! And yeah, guess I have to admit, that taking to account everything and all I am feeling fine, despite whatever thoughts of darkness might land on my own mind every now and again but hey, that is just time spent too much with myself. And certainly nothing to do with age as that is a simple number on the cake. But yeah, as sometimes in my slumber, bad thoughts occur, but hey, that is fine, as I am fine and most of those surround me are just fine so, putting on a smile for today at least and then a little later on, I will most certainly off of my b-day cake feast.

So whatever ranting this little ditty might be, I will keep on having my birthdays for, well, hopefully eternity. The next goal is set as a hundred and fifty. Yeah I know that sounds so, well science fiction-y. But as I have always planned on living forever, guess that is not such a impossible goal now or even ever.

Down by the Laituri (pier in English) or Happy Midsummer to One and All!

“It’s summer people, time to go and get out there in the open wide nature and even as far as the waterfront” Gun Roswell 

Down by the Laituri (pier in English)

The time of the year, when you head for the pier and simply enjoy the cool breeze, without a worry to the bone freeze. How is this even possible you might ask. Well, it’s really quite simple, because you know what time it is right? It’s summer after a long haul of winter! So, don’t be a total bummer. Rather enjoy this very special time of the year, and do head for that nearest pier. And then let the warm summer wind loll you to a lazy sleep as you take a nap in the great outdoors. And that is simply because you can, as the weather is quite warm. Without any worries of sleeping until the next dawn, as now it is always light outside even during the night. So, without any kind of fright, be like that summer’s light and be on all the time, at least until fall, when it’s too cold, to sleep outside. And you really should trust me on this one as I would not tell a lie. It’s all so much fun so do it before the summer is done and done.