Two lights in the night sky

“In the darkened night, it is hard to get by, at least, without a flashlight, you know!” Gun Roswell

Two lights in the night sky

The path ahead as dark as the night itself, as I very well forgot to take a torch with me on this journey across the swell of the nightly scenery, as during the day, it is an easy thing, just a step, hop and a skip really, but the feeling in the middle of the night, especially without any kind of guiding light, is pretty difficult and could leave to a misstep and maybe even in a ditch or so I had been told.

So, threading lightly as in quite carefully, I was beginning to panic as I noted dully, that I had been on the road for a long, long moment, maybe even to the fault, of getting myself lost. But then, as I was starting to loose all hope, I could see a light, in the distance. A faint one at that, but it looked friendly enough, so deciding to steer clear and onwards with that thought, I had brought, new hope again into myself. 

As I kept on going, another more stronger light appeared, from above it seemed to steer, as the path in front of me had become lit like the proverbial Christmas tree. And in knew right there and then, to trust this one from the very beginning it had shone on and let me move along, until I reached the safety of my home street, lit up with a lamp so neat. 

But as I looked up, I could see the shining planetary object, the moon shining with full force and I knew I had scored, a safe trip to my home which was beyond of being very thankful to the bright moon leering at me cheerfully from above.

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