Zoom, vroom, in the rain

“Riding in the slippery rain, is certainly no easy feat, in bare feet that is😎“ Gun Roswell 

Zoom, vroom, in the rain

The old school type of a motorbike roared loudly, as the rider soared across the slippery slope of a street. 

It was no easy job, as the poor rider of a sod, had forgotten a very important accessory for their feet.

The most important part of the ensemble? That is of course part from a protective helmet on the tiniest of heads?

The boots of course, as the route driven was covered with puddles from the constantly falling rain like led.

Not a good choice, especially considering the need for an abrupt stop and hitting the break with feet first.

As the roads are not only covered with water from the storm, but a multitude of all kinds of nasty dirt.

But, having a good, or even a bad machismo kind of an attitude, whether a girl or a dude, then shoes? 

Who needs them anyway, when your bare foot soles are rock hard and covered with all kinds of natural oils?

Nobody that’s who. As you not only look so totally cool, riding your bike bare foot, looking like a fool!

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