Monochrome and the light inside and out

“It’s totally fantastic, so simplistic, and yes of course, it’s monochromatic” Gun Roswell

Monochrome and the light inside and out

The reflections on the smooth glass walls, so totally strong, it cannot be wrong
The solid darkness of the steel, was expected to all the brightness to steal
Alas, it was but a very frightening suspicion, caused simply by misinformation
As the thick glass, would always let the bright light to pass its very made form
And no amount of steel around the structure, no matter whether dark or light
Would be in the way, of the sun shining ever so bright and letting those inside
Feel and see the texture of the small, rays pouring in through each and every crack
And that, was after this moment and finally, not just welcomed, but a known fact
And soon enough, not just only those living in the newly created kind of an odd building
Could be of the eternal lights around be enjoying, but also all the gorgeous reflections
Were giving the outsiders, a good and unexpected light show all around the dwelling
And from this lucky happenstance, anyone ever taking even one single glance
At the monochromatic tall metal and glass built building, could only sigh in total awe
Because, simple can also be so magnificent, and the light, well, it will always bend

I am, Coffee

“I have finally ecome one, with the one sure and certified thing, Coffee” Gun Roswell

I am, Coffee

It has become to that point in my life, when I have started chaining. It’s not about the puberty or menopause or me turning into a dog or cat. Rather after all the amounts caffeine been consumed over the so, so many years past in my life time, I realise at last, what and whom I finally so totally am.


I have become the one thing, I could have never imagined in my whole lived life. But now, that I am slowly changing into a dark and sometimes a candy sugary coating wearing tall order of a glass, mostly cold but sometimes warm, lukewarm mostly kind of a thing. It’s the interior really a dead give away in my case.


But I am not for everyone’s taste, not by far. Mostly, nobody likes me, with or without the sugar coating. But it does not really matter, because I myself, I love coffee, and being one with the one sure thing which has never ever let me down in all the years lived and consumed. Well, I could not have chosen any better, when becoming one with the one thing.


A Perfect Bench to Sit On

“I don’t generally like running. 
I believe in training by rising gently up and down from the bench” 
Satchel Paige

A Perfect Bench to Sit On

I was looking for
A bench to sit on
What I hoped to score
Something close to a lawn
To lay my tired self
On a softer shelf

Then I saw it
The bench, made of stone
When I tried to sit
I felt it to my bones
Too hard for a fit!

Moving forward
I found one, made of wood
Maybe it wasn’t hard
Rather suitably good
Too soft for a fit!

So once again
I had to complain
But I knew, the right seat
Was just in reach
I just had to seek

A little while longer
As I moved along
The feeling now stronger
I knew it wouldn’t be long
I was close to finding
As I saw the metal shining

I finally found it
A bench made of metal
For me to sit
Soft as a petal
A purr-fect fit

Help me up, wont you!

“The black cat, helping a striped cat, well now, that is true team work!” Gun Roswel

Help me up, wont you!

There was something very interesting definitely there, on the window sill
As the two small size cats, kittens really, now on the floor, circled around, at will
Trying to get up, with still growing but short legs still, was quite the feat tough
And even trying to very hard to hop, hop, hop off of, the very flat ground
It seemed impossible to get up there, where something great was to be found
But neither of them succeeding, on their own, so what to do now, they frowned
Then a thought, came to the others mind, maybe working together was fine
Even if they both competed with each other for every single little thing in kind
But this time, maybe it was enough, if one of them reached on the very top
And then the other would know too, what it was so interesting up and out there
Which was intruding their very own domain, and threatening, just of the same
And then the smaller one pushed the bigger one, with a huff, on to the very ledge
Urging him to seek, search and then, to destroy, what ever it was disturbing their day
As the bigger cat got up, he turned back with a huff and a puff, as the only thing
Was a small spider, weaving its web while singing, and now already out of reach
For the small cat and his friend, whom, so eagerly had for big game tried to seek

“What a total bust!” The striped cat told the black cat, “Just a small spider, alas!”

“Yeah, all for nothing, that huffing and puffing!” The black cat told the striped cat. “But when we tell this story to the others, it was some kind of a big elephant or tiger, which we fought really hard against.” She then added.

“Agreed!” Said the striped cat, “And next time, I will let you be the one to go see.” He stated as the two of the strolled back to the litter, to tell a great story of two hunters, they were, slaying wild game without hesitance or even one flicker.

Star Trek: A Celebration–Star Trek Day is approaching – reblogged form the Borg blog

With a new Star Trek Day event coming next month, Star Trek fans across the globe will be celebrating 55 years of the Star Trek franchise, coinciding…

Star Trek: A Celebration–Star Trek Day is approaching, celebrate 55 years with new chronicle, now available for pre-order

Bitch Ever So Perfect

“I am not trying to give an image of a fairytale, perfect, everything else, I am just being myself” Rebecca Loos

Bitch Ever So Perfect

Call me the perfect bitch
Or just the worst one you can find
I may be a broom-less witch
But still the best of my kind

You may find me..

Taking flight
In the darkest of night
Or just taking a bus
In the early morning rush

You may see me…

Dancing naked in the pouring rain
Celebrating life to the fullest
Or just having a beer in a dive bar stained
Being one of the people dullest

You may catch me…

Casting the mightiest of spells
Cursing and not giving a damn
Or just talking to my mom on the cell
Just because, I can

Now you may see me…

In a new aspect
As a bitch perfect
Because that is who I am
Just because, I can

To the journey

“There is nothing like starting a new trip to somewhere you have never been before” Gun Roswell

To the journey

Exploring strange new places and boldly going where you have never been before. Hoping some new experiences to score while looking forwards what those new vistas for you have in store. Not to mention all the unfamiliar faces you might befriend while out there beyond the comfort of your own home.

The jitters of the unknown the moment you embark on that journey, which in planning had been for so long, even if deep down there somewhere you were fearing of the new things along the way, but still decided to stay strong. And with the motto of hoping for the best and preparing for the worst in case something would be to go wrong.

Well, this is the moment when you set sail, to all the strange places and hoping to land on some sandy shores, because what is a human being but someone who likes to explore? Maybe a homebody mostly, but that does not exclude the adventurous nature at all. Because getting on this journey is the fun part even if the destination, leaves you un-smart. Then again, there is always the next port to explore.

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

“These days, virtual travel either on the internet or thought the memories of the mind and photographs, can we travel” Gun Roswell

Only in my imagination, exists the perfect vacation

The mind might be playing some tricks on me, as I am slowly sifting through, all the bundled up memories in my own mind, of the holiday, years back, quite sublime. It really happened by accident, as I ran across, an image in a forgotten folder, of the vision captured, at the perfect moment frozen in time, when all was simply, fine, in the good old times, when we were all freely allowed to explore the world around us, without too much of a fuss.

So, dwelling on that photograph for a while, without rush and hurry, even if the image was a tad blurry, as was my locked away memory of the place, the time and the plenty of sunshine, un-phased by whatever negatives there might have been there along the way. But as so many other things in our minds, those hazy days of yesteryear will always have a golden hue to them, or most of them do, as trying to save only the few good ones, with or without the puns.

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

”I would most likely have been a pirate in them good and olden days“ Gun Roswell

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

When entering the high wide and open seas, you’ll never know what you may out there see
It might just be something you totally seek, when getting familiar with them blue waters deep
Or then, it will be something so totally unexpected, and even in some major danger you will get

As you venture further along the unknown yet calming seas, many wonders you will encounter
Such as beautiful singing mermaids and other unknown sea creatures can be found around there
But despite their seemingly good willed natures, they might be shy or even human haters, so be ware

Still, the likelihood of running into a bunch of conniving and thieving, then make you the plank walking pirates in real time action
Is a much more likely to happen to you out there, as the so called real life is often getting to be much the same way as any kind of fiction
So whether you let your imagination run wild, or just facing the facts of something mild, don’t hold your breath as thar’ll be pirates on your left

My eyes, always do spy

“I am always on the lookout for something. Always watching, observing and then, when the moment is right, I am going in for the kill: Snapping my one perfect pic!“ Gun Roswell

My eyes, always do spy

I am always watching, always the one vigilant of the group, always observing my very own surroundings, but never, ever, am I the one participating. 

I am the one overseer of life, the one on the look out for anything remotely bad or even nice, and then each passing moment in time, I am the one who is only anticipating.

Whatever is going to happen, wherever it will be happening, trust me, I will be there, carefully watching the outcome, still, without ever interfering in anything.

Why, you may ask, what is the point of all of it, whatever this kind of thing is, if it is even a thing, or is it just something chosen, for the purpose of some kind of experiment or others living experiences to be stolen?

Simply because, I am only a spy, of this very existing life, the one and only outsider, never the divider, never the together, as I can only be, the observer. Because I can be, nothing more as this is simply the score.