My eyes, always do spy

“I am always on the lookout for something. Always watching, observing and then, when the moment is right, I am going in for the kill: Snapping my one perfect pic!“ Gun Roswell

My eyes, always do spy

I am always watching, always the one vigilant of the group, always observing my very own surroundings, but never, ever, am I the one participating. 

I am the one overseer of life, the one on the look out for anything remotely bad or even nice, and then each passing moment in time, I am the one who is only anticipating.

Whatever is going to happen, wherever it will be happening, trust me, I will be there, carefully watching the outcome, still, without ever interfering in anything.

Why, you may ask, what is the point of all of it, whatever this kind of thing is, if it is even a thing, or is it just something chosen, for the purpose of some kind of experiment or others living experiences to be stolen?

Simply because, I am only a spy, of this very existing life, the one and only outsider, never the divider, never the together, as I can only be, the observer. Because I can be, nothing more as this is simply the score.

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