Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

”I would most likely have been a pirate in them good and olden days“ Gun Roswell

Thar’ll be pirates ahead!

When entering the high wide and open seas, you’ll never know what you may out there see
It might just be something you totally seek, when getting familiar with them blue waters deep
Or then, it will be something so totally unexpected, and even in some major danger you will get

As you venture further along the unknown yet calming seas, many wonders you will encounter
Such as beautiful singing mermaids and other unknown sea creatures can be found around there
But despite their seemingly good willed natures, they might be shy or even human haters, so be ware

Still, the likelihood of running into a bunch of conniving and thieving, then make you the plank walking pirates in real time action
Is a much more likely to happen to you out there, as the so called real life is often getting to be much the same way as any kind of fiction
So whether you let your imagination run wild, or just facing the facts of something mild, don’t hold your breath as thar’ll be pirates on your left

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