Monochrome and the light inside and out

“It’s totally fantastic, so simplistic, and yes of course, it’s monochromatic” Gun Roswell

Monochrome and the light inside and out

The reflections on the smooth glass walls, so totally strong, it cannot be wrong
The solid darkness of the steel, was expected to all the brightness to steal
Alas, it was but a very frightening suspicion, caused simply by misinformation
As the thick glass, would always let the bright light to pass its very made form
And no amount of steel around the structure, no matter whether dark or light
Would be in the way, of the sun shining ever so bright and letting those inside
Feel and see the texture of the small, rays pouring in through each and every crack
And that, was after this moment and finally, not just welcomed, but a known fact
And soon enough, not just only those living in the newly created kind of an odd building
Could be of the eternal lights around be enjoying, but also all the gorgeous reflections
Were giving the outsiders, a good and unexpected light show all around the dwelling
And from this lucky happenstance, anyone ever taking even one single glance
At the monochromatic tall metal and glass built building, could only sigh in total awe
Because, simple can also be so magnificent, and the light, well, it will always bend

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