I am, Coffee

“I have finally ecome one, with the one sure and certified thing, Coffee” Gun Roswell

I am, Coffee

It has become to that point in my life, when I have started chaining. It’s not about the puberty or menopause or me turning into a dog or cat. Rather after all the amounts caffeine been consumed over the so, so many years past in my life time, I realise at last, what and whom I finally so totally am.


I have become the one thing, I could have never imagined in my whole lived life. But now, that I am slowly changing into a dark and sometimes a candy sugary coating wearing tall order of a glass, mostly cold but sometimes warm, lukewarm mostly kind of a thing. It’s the interior really a dead give away in my case.


But I am not for everyone’s taste, not by far. Mostly, nobody likes me, with or without the sugar coating. But it does not really matter, because I myself, I love coffee, and being one with the one sure thing which has never ever let me down in all the years lived and consumed. Well, I could not have chosen any better, when becoming one with the one thing.


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