There is sea water in my blood

There has always been sea farers in my family, seamen, sea-women, as even my grandmother was one, simply call them sailors as they sure did, sail I mean!“ Gun Roswell

There is sea water in my blood

The raging waters beckons me, to take a deep dive into the ocean wide
Why take the dive some might say, as the land is so much safer than the seaside
I simply reply: Because it is a part of me, the salty waters running deep within

There is no denying, the mermaid inside of me has risen finally
The dead give away? The fins where my feet before used to be
So, there is nothing to it, just rushing to the nearest harbour and dip
All of myself into the rushing waves, soon becoming my slaves
As I become one part of the whole, the one thing my heart stole
Even before the day I was born as this has always been my true self

So, no more dwelling in the role of a total land lubber
My feet are now almost like some kind of rubber
As I swim away from the safety of the familiar shores
And into the deep end of the life which is nothing like bore

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