Late bloomers of the fall

“There are always those who figure out things late in life, and I am one of them” Gun Roswell

Late bloomers of the fall

It was already past the time of the prime, but these little buggers did not care, as they were, after all, the spares. The ones whom were not supposed to bloom, until the next year or maybe not at all, as their time was stalled, for the unforeseeable future. But call it a hunch or even nurture or maybe both, sprouting their small and imperfect heads from the rough terrain, without too much sun or rain. Still, they were determined to make their way, up, up towards the skies, where the sun would shine, maybe not as warmly as in the summer, but they did not care at all, as for them, life was already a bummer. So this was their chance of breaking out and breaking free. And with that kind of determination, against all the odds and predictions, these late comers to the scene were slowly but surely making their way, to the very world they had only made as spares. So, well into the late of the autumn, just before the first snow, these late bloomers kept on, their gorgeous colours finally shining through, not matter the less perfect outlook, they still made those around them feel good.

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