Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

“The clouds are gathering in the skies, but that is not always a bad thing“ Gun Roswell

Cloudy and calm for the right reasons

The clouds might bring storm and rain, sometimes to the point of pain, but sometimes, they are good for cover too, shading from the extensive sunshine, when all you want to do is to quit the eternal smiling and be in a mood of grey, and having those clouds up there is a good as reason as any, to become a moody and broody someone with chips on their shoulders and doing lots of complaining, because nobody is able to act like a little miss sunshine for ever, as there just has to be a lever to be able to pull down.

So, bring on them clouds, in the cool and calming grey colours do us shroud, as often times, we need a little darkness, a little dampness and a little neutral hues in our lives. Because all the brightness of all the incoming messages from around the world getting totally smaller, the continued race of becoming shinier, newer and better, well, it’s all fine for a short while, but the constant running and being on the edge, will eventually lead to the ledge, and wanting to jump? Well, too much smiling might just cause that to happen to pause your life for a moment and look up, the clouds are here, to… cheer you up?

Climb up the tall stairway

“The stairs might seem long and steep and very heavy to get along on, but once you get up there, well, don’t come down! It’s easier that way ;p” Gun Roswell

Climb up the tall stairway

What will you do when you want to get up, really high, up there with the best, close to the skies?

Well, naturally, you will want to seek out the tallest and baddest stairs ever built, and then, start the climbing until you reach the top build.

But, if you are too irked or tired and are totally unable to climb? 

Well, that too, is all just fine, as hey, you can always take the lift up to the very top too or then, if you are one of the lucky ones, then rocket boots are your option to fly!
Well, at least, in your fantasy inside your own mind, am I right!?

But, whatever the means will be, as you decide to get way up there, so close to the skies, it will be all just fine once you reach the very top.

Because as you are there, looking down at the small ants of people going about their lives, while towards godhood you thrive.

Well, we all have our own goals right?

Some of them reasonable while others, well, more on the side of the sci-fi!

Calming waves across the shores

“The waves licking the soft sands of the shores, oh so gently after the storm now passed“ Gun Roswell

Calming waves across the shores

The storm of plenty with thunder and lighting, lashing the rocks of the very shores where the one special soul was born, from the waves made of sand and salt, rising up onto its own too feet, not too steady at first, but after a moment of shaking legs, finding its bearings once comfortable on the soft bed of the beach and knowing, the world as a full, was just at its reach, as promised by those who came before and about this coming had preached, and so, restoring the harmony of the land and peace was all this being would be.

The adventure was just beginning for the one who had emerged from the raging waves of the sea, but from now on end, there would be, only calm across the lands chosen for this being to live on, as it was strong and could protect those who would fall under its domain, as the time of peace was upon. The only matter now was, whether those dwellers whom supposedly laid claim on the lands, would accept the offering of eternal peace, and giving up the lease of the land or die fighting in stead, surely a dilemma for them, but this one would not be swayed, as it was a give or take kind of a situation and never open for debate or question.

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds

“The Autumn is the most colorful season a pix snapper could wish for, as nature is positively glowing with brightly hued shades of all reds” Gun Roswell 

Burning brightly with all kinds of reds 

The fall of summer, did not turn out to be a bummer after all, as all the great colours, came out for the ball of a festival, arranged special, to celebrate the turning of season, surely a very good reason to do just that. After all, wouldn’t anyone get a tad bored, of all the green in control, over the whole of the summer, and it seems, they still are trying to hold on, despite the colder weather having a grasp of the nights long at last. But, that does not really matter as the fact of it is, that one without the other won’t exist, but, they cannot do so, all at once. So, in the natural order of things, each of them will have to take turns when they will their arias sing, as the cold blues and whites will own the winter time, the greenish tints starting from spring until summer and when the autumn finally falls, all the fiery best are released as the harvest feasts, turn all of nature to a mild wild fire of reds. And that is the joy of the season of fall.

Blue Car

“Even if the car is painted blue, it doesn’t mean it is always a the hue of you” Gun Roswell 

Blue Car

There, in the streets, it stood parked, right there in the busy hoods, the old girl of a thing, the blue car, from the seventies or something, self cared and well preserved, even if it wasn’t much to look at. No ‘ohs’ or ‘ahs’ from the passers by, maybe sometimes, a hint of smile, but mostly considered a heap of a rust bucket, to be thrown all the way to the town of Nantucket. 

But the owner of said vehicle, defended the tiny car quite maniacal, as it had won the heart and soul of the keeper so bold, daring to take this vessel from the beyond and keep it safe from wind and storm, whenever they were not driving along, the busy streets singing along to old tunes as heard then and now, on the radio.

It may be a tiny old and blue car, but it will drive you so far, or at least as far as you need to go, even if it may be quite slow, but hey, where is they hurry anyway? Just take a seat, buckle up tight and then, well, drive!

A brief breather on the country side

“A trip to the deep of the country side, can easily make you smile and take a deep cleansing breath” Gun Roswell

A brief breather on the country side

When the city air, leaves you in despair, and the need for some freshness is all you can declare, then hop into that van of yours and let it carry along the highway long, until you reach that place, where nobody much stays, but always yearn to one time on the future live in, by the side of the country, wagered things are as they used to be, at least if you believe.

And so, when you get there, take a really long breath of the cool, calming and clean air, let your lungs fill with the stuff, like a puff from the proverbial pipe. And let it inside of you dwell for a long long moment before letting it expel, ever so slowly though, as this air, is no foe, but a friendly reminder from the past, letting you know nothing will last, not long anyway.

So, enjoy the fresh cool calmness for now, and when you are done, and have to leave, just remember to tell the tale to the next person, whom might want to set their sails, the this place where miracles are made, to be shared, with all those seeking them.

Naturally in the Natural History Museum of London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; 
for there is in London all that life can afford” 
Samuel Johnson

Naturally in the Natural History Museum of London

If, for whatever reason, you’ll find yourself in doubt
Then why not do something different, and then go and check out
The one great place, with lots of history
And be daring and then follow the whole story
Of where we all, once came from

London in Monochrome 5

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


On the busy streets of the City of London
There really is no time for boredom
The options are endless, and even if you spend less
You can find all that you seek, just within reach
Either do a quick walk to the down town of the city
Or hop on a bus, and drive along to watch the nitty-gritty
As this city, certainly has it all, packages small or tall

London in Monochrome 4

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


… Follow the precisely marked lines
And you’ll be simply fine
Eyes wide and totally open
You will be seeing more than hoping

And then, in the evening
You will be totally dreaming
Of the how much more
The following day has in store

London in Monochrome 3

“I never travel without my camera. One should always record ones steps if nothing else than for the future reference, especially during the days of change” Gun Roswell


Watching, over the rooftops
Looking for the hustle and bustle
Of the streets of London
And it seems, that in just a few hops
A few old and bold like castles
And perhaps a famous dungeon
Can be seen without much of an effort
So, just hop on a bus
Without too much fuss
For them all to experience…