Calming waves across the shores

“The waves licking the soft sands of the shores, oh so gently after the storm now passed“ Gun Roswell

Calming waves across the shores

The storm of plenty with thunder and lighting, lashing the rocks of the very shores where the one special soul was born, from the waves made of sand and salt, rising up onto its own too feet, not too steady at first, but after a moment of shaking legs, finding its bearings once comfortable on the soft bed of the beach and knowing, the world as a full, was just at its reach, as promised by those who came before and about this coming had preached, and so, restoring the harmony of the land and peace was all this being would be.

The adventure was just beginning for the one who had emerged from the raging waves of the sea, but from now on end, there would be, only calm across the lands chosen for this being to live on, as it was strong and could protect those who would fall under its domain, as the time of peace was upon. The only matter now was, whether those dwellers whom supposedly laid claim on the lands, would accept the offering of eternal peace, and giving up the lease of the land or die fighting in stead, surely a dilemma for them, but this one would not be swayed, as it was a give or take kind of a situation and never open for debate or question.

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