Low tech

“It might be low tech and old but if it still works, then why would you want to change it? “ Gun Roswell

Low tech

The technology from the past, has far better lasted, than anything modern, which easily break down, as all of it might just be a tad too complex, too small and too thin and way too plastic for their own good. As all of it needs to be so small and light, one single misstep and you will have lost the fight, the tools you need breaking down in front of you, shattering to small piece and you will lose all the data, the life you lead as it is all in there, what you think you need. And then, nothing but darkness will ensue.

But, with the low tech devices, the computers taking the space of houses, the phones with the cords attached to the walls, or sometimes even out here in the good old fashion booths. Well, those are still around, even if they might be hard to found, but the do work, it’s just, you will look like a jerk, using them, at least, that is the common consensus. But, if you are smart enough, use the old school technology wisely, take care of it and maybe, it will out last all the new and fancy gadgets and devices?

Oh so very cloudy

“The skies are totally covered with some kind of thick blanket of a thing… Oh, clouds them be!“ Gun Roswell

Oh so very cloudy

The skies were slowly turning, from their usual blue hue churning, filling up with a more thicker substance in all the colours of grey much to the dismay of those dwellers on the ground expecting the full force of the sun to shine upon them, as it had been foretold and reserved even.

It was suddenly getting a lot more darker each passing moment, as if there was some kind of a major storm event on the rising, right out there in the far away horizon, and none of the onlookers were smiling, as this was not what they had ordered, from the weather gods beforehand.

Oh weather, thou art a heartless wench, never the one to follow direction or orders from anyone else, and now, today, the only fun and sun filled day off the shore, was supposed to be the ultimate score for those lowly dwellers of the ground having their spot in the sun found

But no, not today, not for those tiny people would be a play as the clouds were dark and thick and filled with thunder and rain, no, today was going to be hell and pain, and yes even more rain, as the weather gods had changed their minds once again, just for the heck of it. Oh shit!

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

“It is Sunday the whole day once again, and I get to sit on my special seat, for the duration, without delay, as I am going nowhere much, today” Gun Roswell

My special spot, the seat for this Sunday

Once again, time has been gone by in a whirlwind week, without much room to breathe, the Sunday here, like it was just yesterday I was here, in the same place, the clock ticking away. But today, no matter what else there is to slay, work, tasks, life, I will take it easy and stay, in on single spot the whole day, no matter whom shall come a knocking on the door, ceiling or even the floor. I am not moving from my own designated spot.

And if someone would like to call me lazy for this single act of selfishness, then be my guest, as I really could not care less. As it said in the ancient song of the past, Sunday, is my day of rest, and unless you have some other suggestion to make me rethink my current position, then please, leave me alone, seated in my special spot, from the zero hour on the dot, until another one strikes on the clock, my ass is not moving unless nature is calling, or then, if the house around me should be falling. This is my day to stay, immobile and for now, that is a status simply fine.

The cat and the blues

“The cats too can feel the blues and then sing it out loud” Gun Roswell 

The cat and the blues

The furry and fluffy and alway happy friends of ours, the felis catus, the domestic cat, homey or stray, does not matter anyway, as they may easily give their feelings away, even more so than their hooman counter parts, and when they do, they too, will sing the blues, and they will do it any time it will them suit.

So, when you hear the tones of the song, with a hint of an off key drawl, filled with lots of sadness echoing across the long and narrow allies, rest assured, those are the cats of the hood, yours, theirs, no one’s, all of them meowing the same tune, that of the sorrow filled blues.

And before you threaten to sue, just look into your very own self for that specific blue, because all of us have it, most likely buried deep inside, forgotten, denied, even to the others lied, but it’s there and if you like, you too may let it all out, join the crowd, of felines yodelling out loud, and soon enough, the feelings have passed and the songs of sadness have released the laughs, all simply fine, no sin or crime.

The blue side of the moon

“The moon in the blue sky – isn’t it a tad too early for it to be showing?“ Gun Roswell

The blue side of the moon

It was still too early, the skies all blue and surly, as if being unaware of the stalker out there, doing its thing, even if it was not the time for the moon to sing. So, the question remained as to why this keeper of light of the darkened night, was now out there at this time of day and in plain sight no less, rather careless on its part?

Investigating this odd behaviour seemed rather moot, as getting up there in the tall heavens themselves and asking the question even was rather difficult without a spaceship or even a rocket. But, maybe, simply observing the skies for a moment, an hour, a day, even a month, would give some insight as to the why.

But, after a week the skies remaining blue and sleek, and the moon? Well, it too had emerged there, each and every day, as if proving it could and there was no further dismay of that happening. So, the thing now, for the mere mortals below, as to accept the simple fact, that the moon behaved like it wanted, and despite being out there with the sun, there was no harm to those remaining on the ground.

The lesson learnt here might have been, to simply accept, adore what up there can be seen, even if it is a moon in broad daylight, just keep looking at it, and smile!

Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

“Rides of all kinds, are beckoning you to drive, at least, in your dreams” Gun Roswell 

Cars, lorries and other driving vessels

Driving, is a form of meditation, especially, when on a very long haul, where sometimes even time will stall, where the calm of the empty highways, might just cause some unexpected smiling, when finally alone with ones own thoughts, causes a pause, from the daily life, and then to ponder as to the lived life, as there is nothing else to do, except the path ahead to ride.

But, if you are not prepared for that moody blue mood, and the thoughts while left alone, does not really yourself suit, and you really want to have some more fun than simply riding in silence and being totally stunned, then why not put on some travel music instead, and see where it all could lead. Maybe hum along the tunes of old and goldies, or then, rap along the modern sounds, but most importantly, the best thing to do is, to enjoy the ride.

In cars, lorries and other kinds of vehicles you can make the trip either short or even a long one, depending on what the motivated the plan in the first place, but then again, embarking on the ride just for fun, can easily be done.

Stoney path ahead

“The path ahead, may not always be a smooth one, as some times, the smallest of pebbles, may cause major troubles, so, better watch out for where that next step will take you!“ Gun Roswell

Stoney path ahead

The choices made ahead now lay, as the path, which seemed so unclear a while back, now clear as day and only waiting for the first step to be taken, as the earth below, remains unshaken, and only will be truly waking, from that footfall taken to the new direction.

Alas, there is also the sense of fear, always there quite near, which can be rather healthy, but also something hindering, the adventurous mind from exploring the wonders out there, just because of that very same fear is imploring, to never the status quo leave, and to cower in fear.

But, if you are not the one being afraid, of whatever ahead of you may lay, even if the road ahead is filled with sharp stones, trying to break each and every bone in you fragile self, and all the obstacles, no matter how tricky or bent, ready to tackle without a doubt in your head, then follow the path wherever it may lead, with a mind, body and soul totally free.

Hop over the fence

“The grass might be greener, or well, there could be puddles of mud there, but I still feel like jumping over to find out“ Gun Roswell 

Hop over the fence

No matter how many times I try to peek, I cannot really all that clearly see, what is out there, on the other side of the tall fence, because sometimes, the build of it is much too dense, but what I do see from the small holes, I know I like a lot, and despite all the warnings of being careful of getting what I had wished for, as what there could be in store for me, well, we’ll see, as I still really want to get over and have a look around, what secrets and perhaps treasures on the other side can be found.

So, hopping over the tall fence, hoping not to make any dents, not on myself in the form of a splinter nor breaking down the sometimes brittle woodwork, but as I finally get over the dividing wall, I can see the many reasons I got interested in finding out what lay there behind, and now as I am embarking on this adventure, well aware of the posing danger possibly lurking there, but I simply don’t care, as I can see the truth now, that of the grass indeed being much greener on the other side.

Ancient homes still standing bold

“They are built to last, out of stone, from the past, carved with pride, for the durance of time“ Gun Roswell

Ancient homes still standing bold

They stand there, partly broken, but somewhat in tact, the materials used for building, had ensured they would last, so that now those of us historically inclined, can stand here and them admire, at least until such time, that they might expire, but the doubt it will happen in our lifetime, or even the next is very high, as most likely, these dwellings, made for living, commerce and even worship, will be there for the foreseeable future, even it them we would no longer nurture. But for now, there is no debate of that, rather the simple fact remains, that we, need them to preserve and make sure of so many more generations to come, this, our history, our legacy, will survive and then we can pat ourselves on the backs of a job well done, and stand there in awe to admire the end result. The beauty of the past, whether a painting, a statue or even a brick, is worth our attention, and so, we do go on admiring and making sure, there will be so much more under our watchful preservation.

Spot the seat in the midst of the scene 

“The seats are very well hidden, in this archaic train station of a prop setting” Gun Roswell 

Spot the seat in the midst of the scene 

The colourful set up like a carefully made painting done with so many abstract strokes, but it is certainly no joke, as the scene now visible for all to see, was done with much love and total care, and not just for some random fair, but as the very piece of resistance to the museum of rails, something which so never fails, especially for all those enthusiasts, whom are so utterly in love with trains.

So, not only is this a picture perfect scene with some old school trains, neatly refurbished to be preserved for the future, but in the middle of it all, if you can spot it, is a small seating area serving as the respite for the weary museum goer, set up in the perfect colours all in pastels, doubling as a small cafe in the midst of all the old and cool stuff, which the visitors cannot get enough off and so, taking a seat in the middle of it all, well, it can make the time stall, taking you back to the simpler times, when traveling in style and class, on the steam engine driven non too fast trains.