Stoney path ahead

“The path ahead, may not always be a smooth one, as some times, the smallest of pebbles, may cause major troubles, so, better watch out for where that next step will take you!“ Gun Roswell

Stoney path ahead

The choices made ahead now lay, as the path, which seemed so unclear a while back, now clear as day and only waiting for the first step to be taken, as the earth below, remains unshaken, and only will be truly waking, from that footfall taken to the new direction.

Alas, there is also the sense of fear, always there quite near, which can be rather healthy, but also something hindering, the adventurous mind from exploring the wonders out there, just because of that very same fear is imploring, to never the status quo leave, and to cower in fear.

But, if you are not the one being afraid, of whatever ahead of you may lay, even if the road ahead is filled with sharp stones, trying to break each and every bone in you fragile self, and all the obstacles, no matter how tricky or bent, ready to tackle without a doubt in your head, then follow the path wherever it may lead, with a mind, body and soul totally free.

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