Frozen in time 

“The snow always falls when you are not looking, at least it seems that way, especially when you standing there waiting with a shovel!” Gun Roswell

Frozen in time 

The snow, does not wait for anyone, rather falls where it may, especially when the weather is too cold for rain or sleet so, without the heat, all of it, landing wherever it may, will freeze, thus laying a protective cover, all over the place. And if you are lucky enough to get a sunny day in your zone, then those frozen particles of snow, will most certainly get to shine and glow in the warm but cold sun shine all day, or rather short day long up in the North.

So, whether you are a fan of the winter, the cold and harsh environment, where all is frozen and covered with snow, then this season will most likely be treating you with all kinds of nice. But if you are a total hater of the cold and cannot stand to even look outside, well, maybe just take one small peak, because no matter hater of lover, this snowy treat of a cover, where the whole place looks like it is frozen in time, will certainly give you a small smile.

Fresh tracks on the white blanket

“There is something out there, outside the window. It was uncovered this morning, and as the fresh footfalls clearly indicate, them being left there in the crisp snow“ Gun Roswell

Fresh tracks on the white blanket 

The early morning sun shine, which as per its usual was shining rather bright despite the time of the year with only so many hours to spare. Revealing though, in its wake, several interesting looking tracks clearly during the night having been made. Those fresh ones now visible from the upper window view, as the snow had covered most of the ground and hiding everything else, except those marks made a few. They looked like someone had made it out there, either in the darkness of the night or then in the early morning light, skiing across the earlier asphalted streets, but now accessible by other means. But no matter if it was a human with those wooden boards, making their way to work or perhaps just for leisure strolling the hood, or something more exotic was on the loose, like an animal with really large hoofs. Still, without proof, as to whom it had been, it was much more of a guess work now, a mystery of sorts, waiting itself to be revealed. 

A wintery path to follow

“The path might be long and totally snowy (shit), but at least there are streets lights on it!“ Gun Roswell

A wintery path to follow

The roads ahead long and narrow, the gut feeling inside even hallow, but threading on, singing a melancholy song, is the option for this dark and dreary night, where nothing shines, not even the newly paved asphalt was a spirit lifting theme and so it seems, that night walk was going to be a solemn and lonely on to do.

Then something happens, a flicker of something light, a flake falls, onto the nose and landing on the ground. Soon enough, the air is filled with swinging and dancing snow flakes covering all of the land in an almost instant, the blanket there, creating the illusion of something illuminated and the steps, despite the snow now all over, were somehow lighter too.

The path might have seemed long and dreary, but now, with the winter’s touch so dearie, it was much easier to take and soon enough, the lights of home were visible in the distance, the walk brisk and rejuvenating, in the middle of the darkest night, all thanks to the snowy winter’s light.

The road of winter

“The long road ahead, filled with snow no less!“ Gun Roswell 

The road of winter

The winter season trip to visit, people you know, may take on a slow tone, as all the roads are now filled with freshly fallen snow. Of course they will be plowed at some point in time, but none too soon as the time to leave is now and turns out, that the roads about to be taken, are not in the list of the plow persons priority. So, the only we may of keeping going, is slowly and carefully, and of course, making sure, that the tires are slippery proofed, meaning that they are suited for any kind of winter weather as those are the only kind of tether, keeping you on the road itself and not rolling into the ditch. And don’t forget the shovel, you know, just in case there might be trouble. So, if you have these safety precautions considered and prepared for them, maybe even add some extra warm clothing and a pack of hot coco bottles to the mix, then you should be fixed and ready for the car kind of sleigh ride of the winter, as them roads are most likely real slippery, so sliding your way through, might just be a real option to make your trip to your friends to visit.

Stoney path ahead

“The path ahead, may not always be a smooth one, as some times, the smallest of pebbles, may cause major troubles, so, better watch out for where that next step will take you!“ Gun Roswell

Stoney path ahead

The choices made ahead now lay, as the path, which seemed so unclear a while back, now clear as day and only waiting for the first step to be taken, as the earth below, remains unshaken, and only will be truly waking, from that footfall taken to the new direction.

Alas, there is also the sense of fear, always there quite near, which can be rather healthy, but also something hindering, the adventurous mind from exploring the wonders out there, just because of that very same fear is imploring, to never the status quo leave, and to cower in fear.

But, if you are not the one being afraid, of whatever ahead of you may lay, even if the road ahead is filled with sharp stones, trying to break each and every bone in you fragile self, and all the obstacles, no matter how tricky or bent, ready to tackle without a doubt in your head, then follow the path wherever it may lead, with a mind, body and soul totally free.

Up to the very top of the path I go

“Up the long, long path I go, getting to the very top, only there will I stop” Gun Roswell

Up to the very top of the path I go

The path ahead long and winding, not to mention the steep incline
The task ahead me totally blinding, and I am scared without denying
Alas, the bet was placed, and I so totally hate giving up on a dream
So, maybe just maybe, this road up the hill, isn’t as hard as it seems

Threading lightly, as hurrying would most likely reside to fighting
Of both body and mind together siding and then completely residing
From the hike just now beginning, but I have decided on winning
And against my very own nature now going, brain and body damming

As I put one foot in front of the other, there really is no room for error
One single mistake, a slack step and back into the deep I will fall
Moving on, slowly and gently, thinking back of what went on with me
When I decided to take this stupid bet in the first place and now, I know

It was simply to prove myself a point, that I, could so make it to the very top
And here I do go, and none too slow, step by step, and hey, I am so up here!!

On the Path

“At least, I am on a path, to what, who knows, but still, no straying!” Gun Roswell

On the Path

The long path ahead
May be wide or even narrow
But that simple fact I won’t let
Choosing it to make my own

Navigating between the right and wrong
There is nothing to it, but staying strong
And even if I slip every now and again
The path will still be in front of me just the same

Gladly hopping on that trail
Keeping my fingers crossed I won’t fail
And if I manage to steer mostly clear
Then for the future, I have no fear

The path keeps on winding
Sometimes, my with my teeth grinding
I take a breath and stop
But soon enough, I am back on the road

Moving forward, one step at the time
Sometimes feeling sorrow, other times I am fine
But the path keeps on going
Without an end showing

And me, I just keep walking
For what else is there, to do?

Secure Path

“A secured way to go, just take it slow” Gun Roswell

Secure Path

Completely covered from all sides
The path always narrow, never too wide
Walking ever upwards, towards the goal
But never in a hurry, always taking it slow

The path so secure there is no worries
Of slipping, sliding or even any enemies
But if outside of the borders daring to venture
Then most likely, you’ll be liable for a dent or two

When finally at the end
Take a long, long look back, on the time spent
On this path so secure
You can only, be sure
That nothing, in life, is as good or safe