A wintery path to follow

“The path might be long and totally snowy (shit), but at least there are streets lights on it!“ Gun Roswell

A wintery path to follow

The roads ahead long and narrow, the gut feeling inside even hallow, but threading on, singing a melancholy song, is the option for this dark and dreary night, where nothing shines, not even the newly paved asphalt was a spirit lifting theme and so it seems, that night walk was going to be a solemn and lonely on to do.

Then something happens, a flicker of something light, a flake falls, onto the nose and landing on the ground. Soon enough, the air is filled with swinging and dancing snow flakes covering all of the land in an almost instant, the blanket there, creating the illusion of something illuminated and the steps, despite the snow now all over, were somehow lighter too.

The path might have seemed long and dreary, but now, with the winter’s touch so dearie, it was much easier to take and soon enough, the lights of home were visible in the distance, the walk brisk and rejuvenating, in the middle of the darkest night, all thanks to the snowy winter’s light.

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