Frozen in time 

“The snow always falls when you are not looking, at least it seems that way, especially when you standing there waiting with a shovel!” Gun Roswell

Frozen in time 

The snow, does not wait for anyone, rather falls where it may, especially when the weather is too cold for rain or sleet so, without the heat, all of it, landing wherever it may, will freeze, thus laying a protective cover, all over the place. And if you are lucky enough to get a sunny day in your zone, then those frozen particles of snow, will most certainly get to shine and glow in the warm but cold sun shine all day, or rather short day long up in the North.

So, whether you are a fan of the winter, the cold and harsh environment, where all is frozen and covered with snow, then this season will most likely be treating you with all kinds of nice. But if you are a total hater of the cold and cannot stand to even look outside, well, maybe just take one small peak, because no matter hater of lover, this snowy treat of a cover, where the whole place looks like it is frozen in time, will certainly give you a small smile.

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