Half buried in the snow

“The bikes discarded in the snow, well, they are really just hiding for show“ Gun Roswell 

Half buried in the snow

The bike is supposed the be ridden, in the middle of summer. No? Well, why is it then hidden in the middle of the winter and in a pile of snow, if this is not so? Maybe it’s just there, hiding or keeping itself warm from you know, all that snow and cold? Or maybe it’s just hiding, from the owner wanting to take a long ride in the freezing weather and thinking they cannot find the bike if holding on to the frozen ice like a tether? Simply because working through the tall snow is just too much and making it go really really slow? Isn’t that a bit too much for a small bike to handle, all those obstacles almost reaching its handles? Not to mention the wheels so narrow and thin, the snow and ice can reach the bikes skin, making it shiver and shake and at the end break abruptly in the middle of the street, and then the cyclist could fall off and break their knees. So, it is agreed, that this bike is better off in the pile of snow playing hide and seek for the rest of the winter, and that is as easy as getting splinters.

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