Frozen creek in winter

“The winter weather is pretty cold so it totally freezes everything solid the moment it comes around” Gun Roswell 

Frozen creek in winter

The winter is taking over, all of nature, the birds, the bees, the trees even the clovers, but that is the design of nature, and you cannot throw against it any hatred, as the cycle is as it’s always been, the warmth followed by ever more cooling temperatures, and now, it is the time of total sub zeros, for a while at least, but this is not the beast to tackle rather let it crackle it’s way, creating frozen moments, monuments even, for whatever reason, maybe simply for us dwellers to enjoy and take those moments, skating along the bed of the creek, as the waters have turned to a sleek mirror of ice, something cool and nice, which is only possible during the time of winter at its coldest, when at its boldest. So, perhaps give a chance to the winter after all, even through the cold, simply dress up warm and you will be safe, for those wintery games, taking some pride with a smile of this gorgeous season, as it much like the others are here for a reason.

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